Man sues over church as polling place - Yahoo! News: "MIAMI - A man who had to vote in a Catholic church has sued election officials, claiming that casting a ballot amid crucifixes and anti-abortion banners violates the principles of church and state separation.
Jerry Rabinowitz, a nonobservant Jew from Delray Beach, filed the lawsuit in federal court Friday. In it, Rabinowitz says elections officials refused to remove or cover religious items at Emmanuel Catholic Church when he voted last month.
'The effect of the defendant's conduct in this case is nothing if not government endorsement of religion,' the lawsuit read.
...According to the lawsuit, Rabinowitz had to walk past an anti-abortion banner flanked by large crosses to reach the polling site. Once inside, he said he had to vote in a room with crucifixes, a poster of the Ten Commandments and signs with messages including 'Each of Us Matters to God.'"

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