What the V can do

She can open doors! I was hoping she wouldn't learn that until she was seventeen or eighteen. She knows where the guitar ("taw-taw") is and likes to get it out and "play" it. She really likes music. There is some musical interest and ability in my family, though it skipped me for the most part.
She loves taking bubble baths and asks to take one every hour or so, even if she already had one that day. When I say no, she gets into the tub anyway and plays with her bath toys. At least she does not know how to turn on the water yet.
We have been looking at optical illusions together on the internet. It is fun for her but not as stimulating as watching Sesame Street on YouTube. I never should have shown her videos on my computer because now she thinks my computer is a TV and wants to come watch it with me.
She knows all her colors now, and can finally say orange ("onnins"). I am trying to teach her gold, silver and clear.

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