PREDICTIONS FOR 2003!!!!!!!!!!!
I will post mine soon. Send me yours and I will make fun of them/praise them for their insight!
Spielberg Effect: Success in Life Without Prestigious Degree ( - Very cool article about the fact that the college you attend doesn't matter that much. I wish more people could learn this lesson.
(Zorak and the Old Oligarch are laughing about one of their favorite jokes - the humor that results when instead of reading the sign as "Delay in the road ahead," one reads it as: "Delay in the road. A HEAD!!!!!")

O.O.: "I've never seen a severed head. I don't think I would mind it though. It would probably be pretty gross, but I've seen gross things before. Maybe it would bother me. I don't know."

Two days later, while sitting in the drive-through at McDonald's ...
O.O.: "I've never seen a severed head."
Abortion Opponent Is Named to Panel On Women's Health ( The arrogant pro-abortion bias of this article is unbelievable: ... Hager has questioned the safety of the abortion pill, RU-486, and acknowledges that he opposes abortion.
He even admits it in public? Has he NO shame?!?!?!?
My new cure for Writer's Cramp:
What store to loot when civilation crumbles?

brought to you by Quizilla Conservative Columnists: Dennis Prager If you believe that people are basically good - A MUST READ. GO THERE NOW!
Frequently Asked Questions about Caffeine How much caffeine is there in [drink/food/pill]? via Kat Lively.
A Dead Ringer for The Dearly Departed ( On having one's loved ones turned into diamonds. I feel as though I should oppose this idea, since after all the dead would not have a final resting place. But I kind of like it, in the sense that you could wear a necklace and have your loved one right there. It seems comforting. - Emode's Original Inkblot Test - Your Results Zorak, your unconscious mind is driven most by Imagination
This means you have a deep desire to use innovative ideas to enhance your life and influence the world around you. This drive influences you far more than you may realize on a conscious level.
Your need to be innovative drives how you look at new opportunities and the kinds of experiences in life you choose to have. On an unconscious level, the reason you may be so driven by imagination is your fear of destruction, the opposite of creation. When you are unable to create due to restrictions imposed by your environment or even ones you unwittingly impose on yourself, do you feel trapped or confined? You may find these feelings of unease only get better when you find another outlet for your imagination.
With such a strong creative orientation, you are willing to entertain a broad spectrum of ideas at any given time. The world is a fuller, richer place because you can contribute new ideas to any experience. Your natural curiosity inspires those around you and encourages them to come up with ideas they wouldn't have thought of without your help.

Old Oligarch was told that he was peaceful, so he thinks the test is dumb.
You CAN Refuse Warrantless Searches
"Warning: If a police officer asks your permission to search, you are under no obligation to consent. The only reason he’s asking you is because he doesn’t have enough evidence to search without your consent. If you consent to a search request you give up one of the most important constitutional rights you have—your Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures.
A majority of avoidable police searches occur because citizens naively waive their Fourth Amendment rights by consenting to warrantless searches. As a general rule, if a person consents to a warrantless search, the search automatically becomes reasonable and therefore legal. Consequently, whatever an officer finds during such a search can be used to convict the person.
Don’t expect a police officer to tell you about your right not to consent. Police officers are not required by law to inform you of your rights before asking you to consent to a search. In addition, police officers are trained to use their authority to get people to consent to a search, and most people are predisposed to comply with any request a police officer makes. For example, the average motorist stopped by a police officer who asks them, 'Would you mind if I search your vehicle, please?' will probably consent to the officer’s search without realizing that they have every right to deny the officer’s request.
If, for any reason you don’t want the officer digging through your belongings, you should refuse to consent by saying something like, 'Officer, I know you want to do your job, but I do not consent to any searches of my private property.' If the officer still proceeds to search you and find illegal contraband, your attorney can argue that the contraband was discovered through an illegal search and hence should be thrown out of court."
disinformation | discordianism: a religion disguised as a joke disguised as a religion - I was into this when I started college, NOT Ayn Rand as some will have you believe.
disinformation | banned books, weak "Between the oversimplified, uneven definitions of censorship, the tendency to display the same old easily-defensible warhorses, and many other problems, Banned Books Week has a very long way to go before it lives up to its promise, or even its name."
disinformation | the philosophy of punk: more than noise! - a book review with lots of links, for Eve.
disinformation | prescription drugs cost more than gold by Michael Woods, Toledo Blade - December 27, 2002
How do prescription drugs measure up against the gold standard?
Consider the top 10 prescription drugs in terms of 2001 retail sales:
No. 1, Lipitor, the anti-cholesterol medicine, costs about 20 times as much as gold, based on late-2002 prices from Prilosec, used to treat ulcers and gastric reflux, costs 35 times as much. Prevacid, used for the same purposes, costs 25 times more.
Zocor, an anti-cholesterol medicine, is worth 33 times its weight in gold.
Celebrex, the arthritis drug that is No. 5 drug on the best-seller list, costs 14 times more than gold.
Bible Review: How December 25 Became Christmas via Fr. Jim.
Catholic Membership on the rise While other Churches have seen a decrease in membership in the state of Iowa, the Catholic Church has increased its membership by 7.3% from 1990-2000.
Catholic Church leaders believe that increase could be attributed to a number of things including immigration. More and more Hispanics are migrating to Iowa to find work, and they are bringing with them their Catholic faith. The Glenmary Research Center which released the numbers for the state of Iowa, says that nearly 80% of Hispanics who move to Iowa are Catholic.
Church leaders also believe that "High Church Liturgy" is playing a role in keeping members. "High Church Liturgy" is the use of signs and symbols during a mass. Commonly this refers to incense, candles, statues, and colorful robes worn by the Priest.
Evidence that the Rat is Not in Paris:
The Utah Jazz's game against the Philadelphia 76ers was interrupted briefly Saturday night when a rat was thrown onto the court.
Today I bought stuff, ate stuff, saw a cute dog, and did not think about my job very much at all. Zorak 1, World 0.
Everybody say hi to Will the RCIA'er and go visit his blog.
Ms. Cacciaguida, AKA Elinor Dashwood, is blogging. This lady has no shortage of well-thunk opinions, so stop on by. But where's the Rat?
Sorry if I was a bit of a grump recently. I miss my late grandparents very much this time of year. O.O. and I had a good Christmas with my family - Eucharist at a Catholic church, and beautiful music and a reverent, peaceful service at my family's Lutheran church. Maybe someday we can get both in one! (Ha. That was funny.)

Everytime I hear the line "Pleased as man with us to dwell" in the hymn "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" I always want to replace it with "Pleased as punch with us to dwell." Aren't you glad I didn't write the words to that one.

Also, my fish are still alive, so hurray for that.
O.O.:"I'm moisturizing my head."
Zorak: "And why is that?"
O.O.:"It's always good to have a cool, moist head."
(Zorak enters the room to see O.O. holding his head directly over the humidifier.)
This year will be one of the worst Christmases I have had in a while, in part because I have spent most of it arguing with someone fruitlessly over e-mail. I'm posting that primarily to remind myself not to do this again. But, since Christmas is already ruined, I'm still involved in another "e-argument" - the Santa thing.

First, I don't appreciate being called some sort of Grinch. I made an argument about something that was important to me based on a painful experience I had as a child that I'm hoping to prevent for my own children. I'm not attempting to ruin my children's Christmas, but rather hoping to tell them that it IS about something wondrous and beautiful - the birth of Christ, not some department-store substitution for it based on an elaborate series of deceptions. Second, the justifications for this practice have only confirmed my thoughts: "it's fun to watch them run around looking for Santa!" Sorry, that's just not right in my eyes. Every time I think about this issue, I imagine a sweet, innocent child's eyes looking into mine, asking me what Christmas is about. Do I make up a story, or do I tell the child the truth - not even an ugly truth, at that. I would feel horrible making up a story, and I hope that sense of disgust about manipulation remains with me when I am faced with telling my child about something important.

So if this makes me a Grinch, fine. But my kids will know their mother can be trusted, and won't sell them out for the sake of a stupid game.
Clash Singer Joe Strummer Dies at 50
Kwanzaa Furby!
Many (Anglican) clerics doubt the virgin birth - More than a quarter of Church of England clergy do not believe in the virgin birth of Christ, according to a survey by the Sunday Telegraph.
A poll of 500 clerics found that 27 per cent privately reject the traditional story of Jesus' birth, a key part of the Nativity.
OpinionJournal - Extra Judge Me by My Work
Some liberals want to impose a religious test on federal judges.
Saturday, December 21, 2002
- Very cool.
Cacciaguida has explained his take (which is congruent with mine) on Santa. I have long since decided I will NOT lie to my kids about the existence of Santa, because I was really hurt when I found out that I had been lied to about Santa. I couldn't understand why my family had collaborated to make a fool of me. I had asked my mother directly if there was a Santa, and when she told me yes, I had valiantly defended Santa to all my friends who had figured out the truth, because I trusted my mother's word. The only thing I took away from the whole business is that it was somehow funny for the family to lie to the little child because they knew she would believe what they said.
No Santa for my kids, that's for sure. But just wait until my in-laws find out - I dread this conversation. O.O.'s parents are unable to distinguish causation from correlation, and his aunt raised her now wacked-out kids in a new-agey fashion which included no Santa, calling parents "Joan" and "Ted," etc. So in their minds failing to tell kids about Santa is tied up with an irresponsible level of "letting the kid decide what to believe." Argh.
So maybe if you've lied to your kids this year, you can take them aside after Christmas and explain that while Santa isn't a person living today, he is the remembrance of St. Nicholas, who was so kind to all the children when he lived on earth that parents still tell their children about him and give gifts as he would have today. Tell them that when they were younger, it was hard to explain that St. Nick had lived a long time ago but was still bringing them presents, so you told them he was a man who lives today and flies around the world. Now that they're older, they can understand the more nuanced situation.
Sure, it's presumptous of me to recommend to others how to raise their kids. But I think if you have told your kids their is a Santa, you should at least tell them WHY and relate it back to a larger point about Christmas, rather than just letting them figure out that they've been duped.
O.O. says, "Do I hear an uppity woman?"
Two minutes later: "Hey - can we name our kid 'Alcohol?'"
Yahoo! News - High-Priced Items Bought With Teachers' Union Funds(Washington) - A litany of high-priced clothing, electronics, and artwork are just some of what the FBI believes was bought with embezzled Washington Teachers' Union funds.
Coffeehouse Chatter Grows Across Nation
Dec 21, 2:32 AM (ET)
SEATTLE (AP) - Strangers are doing something radical in Seattle. They're talking to each other.
The old-fashioned salon concept - a meeting of people to talk about issues of common importance - has been reborn through Conversation Cafes. Signs on coffeehouse tables and open invitations to talk draw lawyers, housewives, even the homeless, to discuss anything from safe streets to war in Iraq.
Survey Says U.S. Confused About Smallpox
Fish Babies Update: Still have 5 babies, 2 white and 3 black. About the length of a capital letter on this screen. Seem ok. Keep your fingers crossed!
John 20:30-31: Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book; but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in his name.
I always wondered what these were. This passage occurred to me as I was thinking about all the things O.O. does that I can't blog about. Trust me, there's a lot more going on ...
META Group, Inc. - McDonald's, Intel Lead Advertisers to New Game-Based Medium
beliefnet: If Faith Came With a Soundtrack John Tesh talks about his new Christmas album, his faith, and living in the modern-day Sodom
St. Blog's Cookbook
Lott Resigns As Senate Republican Leader - WOO HOO! Second Christmas gift of the day.
The DPI Bullies 'N' Bozos BLOG might be cool. Still looking.
Weird. This statement on HMS Blog notes that "In the old days, the well-to-do would take an afternoon of pleasure by visiting the madhouses and laughing at the inmates." O.O. and I were just talking about the fact that my family used to do this 40 years ago (they were by no means well-to-do - living on a preacher's salary.) I need to ask my mom about this again - the family keeps hedging on it now that the younger generation has heard about it and criticizes them for it. I think they justified it as visiting lonely people - and my family certainly wouldn't have laughed at them to their faces. It's still creepy though.
Gov. Davis barred from kids home because of abortion views - Monsignor Edward J. Cavanaugh has just given me a great Christmas present.
Playboy Centerfolds Are Less Curvaceous The curves of Playboy centerfold models have gradually flattened out over the last 50 years, giving way to a more androgynous look, European researchers suggest.

I think the real story here is that some British researcher figured out how to stop chopping the heads off mice and instead get paid for intensively studying years of Playboy issues.
O.O. says: "I hope, when I'm in heaven - if I get there - that they give me either no brain or a perfect one, because 'in between' is just awful."
My angelfish, Whitey, died today of nitrite poisoning. Blackie will probably die too.
This is very e-pressing.
R.I.P. Whitey


Old Oligarch could teach this course: Mississippi Students Build Their Own PC's
Priests perform penance for church : 'Out Of Office' Replies May Cost You Dearly Office workers who set up their e-mail to leave an "out of office" message when they're on vacation may be setting themselves up as victims of burglary — without even knowing it.
I have found my new rallying cry: "Sleep = Work!"
Congratulate Cacciaguida on his 20th anniversary as a Catholic!
Today's idiot of the day has been discovered through reading a NYT article titled "Consumers Finding Ways to Zap Telemarketer Calls"
An excerpt, with commentary:
Those in the telemarketing industry say that the criticism they get from consumers is unwarranted. "Telemarketing is annoying — until it's something you need," said Keith Gill, vice president of MarkeTel Systems, a company in Regina, Saskatechewan, that makes equipment for call centers. "We're real people."
"It's called the mall, sir."
"And I can go there and buy anything I want, rather than just sitting here by the phone waiting for the toilet-paper-by-phone salesman to call?"
"That's right, sir."
"Well, why didn't anyone bloody tell me before?!"

Reducing the number of calls comes down to knowing what Mr. Gill calls the magic phrase: "Please put me on your do-not-call list." He acknowledges, however, that his own father bought a TeleZapper, a $40 device that plays a tone that signals that a line has been disconnected. (Most predictive dialing machines drop those calls.)
Had the paper named the next fellow, he would have been selected as co-idiot of the day.
Another manufacturer of telemarketing equipment admits to being irritated by calls that violate consumer protection laws — for example, prerecorded messages or pitches from companies that do not identify themselves at the outset. He compared his role, however, to that of a gun manufacturer. "I don't load the gun, and I don't fire the gun."
Industry under fire? Try comparing yourselves to the Most Hated Industry in the country, which can only operate because of rapidly eroding Constitutional protection that your industry doesn't have. That'll help.
Donald Luskin on Social Security on NRO Financial
Boy, 7, Accused of His Second Car Theft
...The boy, whose name was not released, was taken to St. Joseph's Home for Children.
After the Dec. 6 crash, he told officers: "I just had to get to school and I don't know where it is."
Zenit News Agency - The World Seen From Rome Rosary May Contribute to Unity, Says Protestant Theologian
If Contemplated as a Christological Prayer, as Suggested by Pope
The Telegraph - Schools 'failing to teach pupils basic message of Christianity'
By Fiona Govan - (Filed: 15/12/2002)

Almost half of Britain's 12-year-olds are so ignorant of basic Christian teaching that they are unaware that Easter celebrates the Resurrection, according to a new study.
Many of those questioned thought that The Boy Who Cried Wolf was a story from the New Testament. Others knew little or nothing about Christ's miracles, while some wondered why Jesus could not "fly like Superman".
The survey of more than 500 school pupils aged 12 found that only 54 per cent knew that Christians celebrated the Resurrection at Easter.
Some of those polled believed that Jesus was the son of Joseph, not God. Six per cent did not believe that he had ever existed.
KEN LAYNE writes: "Sean Kirby just left a comment here that cracked me up:
'In a way, our mutual loathing of Trent Lott has brought Americans together, albeit for a brief while.'
True, ain't it? But it's also more damning evidence of Washington's tin ear. People can and will disagree on all sorts of things, but something like this Trent Lott outrage pretty much puts everybody on the same page, from Atrios to Andrew Sullivan, Krugman to Kaus. Yet Lott is still in power. (He'll probably be gone by the weekend, but it should've happened last week. Or 22 years ago.)"
Settling Disputes in a Christian Marriage
by Zorak and her husband the Old Oligarch, who met through their involvement in a debate society.

O.O.: "Dude, let's go get gyros."
Zorak: "No way, dude."
O.O.: "Way, dude. Way."
Yahoo! News - Top Stories Photos - AP President Bush grabs his dog Barney after it came into the room and frightened area children as Bush participated in the White House children's story hour.
This letter to the editor aptly demonstrates some of the fundamental problems of Mormonism.
Old Oligarch has lots of quotes today:
"I danced, danced, danced my issues away."
"Disturbed says I have to live in the dark, and I listen to them, 'cuz they listen to me more than anybody else."
"We had an Absente fire in the kitchen today."
On the way to a better mood - Mr. T vs. Deep Blue, part 1
In case you can't tell, I'm in a terrible mood today. One of my employees, a complete idiot who continues to surprise me by dressing himself on his own, has made me look bad AGAIN, and the fish are eating their own babies.

Majority of Hispanics do nothing newsworthy but commit crimes, whine when this is reported by news media. Can someone introduce these morons to the concept of a public relations agent?
Idiot kid kills self, friends.
Old Oligarch's new rendering of the "If you think education is expensive" bumper sticker: "If you think education is expensive, try public education."
Sons of Frater Louis "I had lived long enough under my own authority to be absolutely sick of it."
Read Dave's post.

Slander: A Cancer in the Christian Life
Teen deters crime by hog-tying intruders A petite 17-year-old, irate after seeing three men running from her home in the wee morning hours Tuesday, sprinted outdoors barefoot, clad in pajamas, outran one of the trespassers, tackled and straddled him, then hog-tied him with a rope until police arrived minutes later.
Melissa Alexander, a high school junior, said her training in track and running bases for the varsity softball team came in handy, as did her ability to handle horses, which she cares for at her family's property.
Or maybe Whitey's the mom. I'm not sure, but Blackie is the good parent, either way.
OUR ANGELFISH HAVE LAID EGGS. Here are some pictures of what the babies will look like IF they live. Don't get your hopes up, it seems to be rather difficult to get them to live. We have been able to finally tell the sex of the adult fish, though: Blackie (the black one) is the girl and Whitey (the white one - aren't we creative?) is the boy. Blackie seems to be a good mom, as demonstrated by her attacking us when we walk by the tank lest we harm her babies. Whitey is a terrible dad, as evidenced by his eating the eggs. He is currently imprisoned so he can't hurt them.

Stay tuned for breaking updates on this story.
Techno Artist Moby Attacked in Boston - Why would anyone want to beat up Moby?
Cardinal Law Offers to Resign
Catholic Greetings - Free E-mail Catholic Christian Greeting Cards Share your Christian faith with our beautiful, free Catholic e-cards!
Pastoral Letter - A Theological Reflection on the Human Body
FBI, Web Portal Team Up in Fugitive Hunt The FBI is taking its pursuit of fugitive crime boss James "Whitey" Bulger to the Internet with a "virtual wanted poster."
In a first-of-its-kind agreement announced Wednesday, Lycos will flash a message about Bulger, including his likeness, in one of several banner ads that appear in rotation on the Web portal's global network.
The project hopes to generate tips on Bulger's whereabouts and bringing attention to the FBI's $1 million reward offer.
My Way - News Despite spending hours of time and hundreds of pounds on Christmas presents, most Britons would gladly give up their seasonal gifts in favor of more time with friends and family.
Boston Globe Online / Nation | World / Law to confer with pope, 2 officials say The Rev. Paul G. Robichaud, a Waltham native and Paulist priest who is pastor of Santa Susanna, the American parish in Rome and Law's titular church, on JP2: ''Here is a man who was a forced laborer under Nazi Poland, who was a priest and then archbishop of Krakow, persevering and standing up to the Soviet Union,'' Robichaud said. ''Here is a pope who faced the Soviet empire and contributed to its fall. He was shot and survived and forgave the man who shot him. He lives with a great deal of personal suffering and chronic pain, because he believes the Parkinson's medication sometimes fogs his mind. With all his pastoral caring, he is a very, very, very tough man. And he expects his church to be the same way.''

I never thought about the pain medication issue. Good point.
Headline of the Week.
Infants Now Murdered As Often As Teens: The homicide rate for U.S. infants is now virtually equal to the murder rate for teenagers, according to a new analysis of government data that revealed a surprising demographic milestone.
A slow, 30-year rise in the infanticide rate, coupled with a sharp -- and more widely reported -- drop in teen homicides, means the two groups are now being murdered at almost equal rates, according to the study's director ...
During the first week of life, an infant is most likely to be killed by its mother.
Dappled Things - Wow! Fr. Jim is blogging again. Check it out.
CBC News - Indepth: Iraq Canadians go to Baghdad as 'human shields' - Thanks Victor. You can't make this stuff up.

- the work of Victor Lams.
choicehasastory Planned Parenthood is sponsoring a poster contest to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. The theme for their contest is "Behind Every Choice is a Story." Click here for one entry for the poster contest...
Historical images depicting Anti-Catholic Nativism via Amy Welborn.
Bishop Reiterates Procedures for Dealing with Allegations By Bishop Paul S. Loverde
Mercury News | 12/04/2002 | 46 percent of Earth is still wilderness, researchers report - Same with my mind.
Faith & Values: Revisions in mass worry some Catholics
The Seattle Times: Local News: Mormon dissidents rally behind scholar
Free Content Online? Publishers Are Divided
Victor Lams says: "Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day,
But set fire to him and he's warm for the rest of his life."
Infidelity is hazardous
Hamburg - Extra-marital sex can increase your risk of having a heart attack, a British cardiologist has told a congress on sexual health in Hamburg.
Porn and Circuses: China blocks news not porn online
Things I know are EVIL but do anyway:
1. Open up the cookie dough container and eat it raw.
The Volokh Conspiracy argues that the USSR saved the largest number of its Jews during World War II -
"The USSR saved its Jews not through decency, love of justice, belief in equality, or any action focused on Jews as Jews. It saved them by successfully resisting the Nazis -- by fighting (often brutally) a brutal enemy, and losing 15% of its population, Jewish and non-Jewish, in the process. It's no shame that the Netherlands or Greece didn't do this; they couldn't. My family, though, is alive -- I am alive -- largely because the Russians could resist, and did."
The Miami Herald | 10/30/2002 | NASA fighting back to confirm that U.S. really flew to moon WASHINGTON - More than 33 years after the United States landed men on the moon, NASA is spending more than $15,000 to convince people that it really did happen and that the space agency didn't make it all up.
Stubborn conspiracy theorists claim that NASA's six Apollo-program moon landings were faked. After decades of belittling and ignoring them, NASA has decided to fight back. It hired James Oberg, a Houston-based former aerospace engineer and award-winning author of 10 books on space, to confront skeptics point by point. Many scientists already have done that on the Internet, but skeptics remain unconvinced.
Via BitchPundit.
Scratching Without Vinyl: A Hip-Hop Revolution
Planned Parenthood Federation of America has adopted the following 10 goals to achieve by the year 2025. The achievement of these goals will influence the future for everyone on the planet and will propel Planned Parenthood to fulfill its promise to the world.
Planned Parenthood will ensure that sexuality is understood as an essential, lifelong aspect of being human and that it is celebrated with respect, openness, and mutuality.
Planned Parenthood will ensure access to reproductive and sexual health care for all.
Planned Parenthood will secure passage of laws and policies, including state and federal constitutional amendments, that guarantee reproductive freedom for all.
Planned Parenthood will ensure worldwide implementation of a human rights and well-being agenda as currently expressed in the Cairo Agreement, with the U.S. fulfilling its financial commitment and implementing those principles in the U.S.
Planned Parenthood will control a successful, diversified media company that creates and distributes the most popular, critically acclaimed health and sexuality programming.
Planned Parenthood will be the model for embracing diversity and expanding the decision-making power base of its stakeholders.
Planned Parenthood will be a significant catalyst for the development and universal dissemination of new reproductive technologies.
Planned Parenthood will be an authoritative voice on bioethical standards related to reproductive health and sexuality.
Planned Parenthood will build the largest donor and citizen activist base of any social movement in this country.
Planned Parenthood will be acknowledged as one of the 10 best places to work and volunteer.
"Choice on Earth" Holiday Card Sends Inclusive Message of Individual Freedom Statement by Gloria Feldt, President
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
November 25, 2002
NEW YORK CITY - Recent anti-choice attacks on Planned Parenthood's "Choice on Earth" holiday card are absurd. A very popular greeting card among America's pro-choice majority for almost a decade, it sends an inclusive seasonal message for people of all faiths.
An organization that calls itself STOPP (Stop Planned Parenthood) has generated anti-Christian allegations against the "Choice on Earth" card.

Police Investigate Abortion Death at DC Area Abortion Facility
Source: Cybercast News Service; November 26, 2002

Alexandria, VA -- Police in suburban Washington, D.C., are investigating the death of a woman who died while likely underoing an abortion at a local abortion business. The abortion facility is disputing the police account of the death.

Alexandria police spokeswoman Amy Bertsch said authorities were continuing their inquiry into the death of a 26-year old woman who died earlier this month at the Landmark Women's Center in Alexandria. The woman, who was not identified, lived in nearby Fairfax, Virginia.

According to Bertsch, paramedics were summoned to the abortion facility where the woman died on the morning of Nov. 16. The woman was then taken to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead about 40 minutes later.

A police statement issued the afternoon of the incident said, "The victim... was undergoing a medical procedure at the Women's Center when she died."

Bertsch said the investigation was prompted by a call to police from Inova Alexandria Hospital. "It was a sudden death," she said. "When young, otherwise healthy people die, it's considered a sudden death and we investigate that."

Similarly, Bertsch said an autopsy had been performed on the victim Nov. 18, though neither a cause of death nor manner of death has been determined. The delay in reporting the cause of death was attributed to the results of a pending toxicology report.

"Autopsies and referrals to the medical examiner are made in cases of sudden death or suspicious death," said Bertsch, who stressed there is nothing at this time to indicate foul play.

But an official with the Landmark Women's Center abortion business is disputing the police account of events surround the woman's death.

When asked about the police report on the woman's death, a woman who refused to identify herself stated, "Some of the information you received is incorrect." When asked to specify which information in the police report was incorrect, she refused to do so.

"I have strict restrictions not to discuss this with you," said the woman, who refused to say who ordered the restrictions and would not answer questions about the services provided at the clinic.

A female reporter who later called the abortion facility anonymously was told it does both surgical and chemical abortions utilizing the dangerous drug RU-486.

A surgical abortion without anesthesia cost $300 while an abortion with anesthesia cost $380, the female reporter learned. Abortions induced by RU-486 cost $650 and were available only to women who were less than seven weeks pregnant.

In spite of the denials by the unidentified woman at the Landmark Women's Center, Alexandria Police are standing by the facts they have obtained.

"As far as we know, that's accurate," said Bertsch. "We did not know why she died and that had to be investigated."

However, police were not able to discuss the precise medical procedure being performed at the time of the woman's death. "We're not disclosing that," said Bertsch. "It's a medical procedure and we try to keep people's medical history confidential."

As far as the scope of the investigation, Bertsch would neither confirm nor deny whether authorities had interviewed any of the facility's staff, saying only, "it's routine to interview anyone who would have information helpful to our investigation."

Here's the Alexandria police statement on the death.
To the person who arrived at this site searching for "lutheran porno films," you are sick, sick, sick! But it does raise the question: what on earth would such a film be? No images, right?
G. E. M. Anscombe - Why have I never heard of this person? Via David Morrison's comments.
Artist Hopes Dairy Herd Makes Poetry
Dec 2, 2:09 PM (ET)
PURCHASE, N.Y. (AP) - Any artist can paint cows. Nathan Banks paints ON cows.
Banks, a 22-year-old student at Purchase College, painted single words (from "a" to "existential") on the flanks of about 60 cows near his upstate New York home, then let them wander around to see if they could compose poetry.
So Holsteins and Jerseys named Elsie and Maggie came up with phrases like "eccentric art,""performance as cow environment" and Banks' own favorite, "organic conceptual art as poetry."
One animal seemed especially inspired - with "away" written on her side, she broke loose from the herd for a while.
Now HERE's something to be thankful for: Harvard Professor John Rawls Dies at 81.
Study: Car Call Value Equals Crash Cost Researchers say increased cell phone use has led to more crashes caused by drivers on the phone, but the value people place on being able to call from the road roughly equals the accidents' cost.
M A R T Y R -

Why isn't anyone using this word to describe Mary Stachowicz?
Catholic U. Quits AAU, Rethinks Mission ( School May Reduce Doctoral Offerings - Via Amy Welborn.
"If Chickpea Eater and others like him and I were to form a religious community, in a few days we would all be eaten by plants." -- Old Oligarch, after doing the following for at least the 10th time: Deciding that the coffee is better if it does not immediately flow from the coffee grounds to the pot, but is allowed to "steep" there for a moment. For this reason not putting the coffee pot in the coffeemaker after filling the maker with water and turning it on. Getting totally distracted, and wandering back into the kitchen 10 minutes later to find coffee grounds and steaming hot water all over everything.

Zorak: "Do you promise me you will never do this again?
O.O. "Yes. Yes, I do."

O.O., a few minutes later: "I need a list of all the things I've promised you in our marriage. You know, other than the always faithful jazz that everyone promises."
Mom and Dad Were Right ( Saving Habits Span a Lifetime
"Whoever has not the humble courage to dare to believe (the Gospel), must be offended by it, . . . and at last cannot be contented with less than getting this thing rooted out, annihilated, and trodden in the dust." -- Soren Kierkegaard
Rod Dreher on Mary Stachowicz & Hate Crimes on National Review Online