Today Girl V asked "Why" for the first time.

Wanted to know why she had to finish all the food on her plate. She likes to eat just enough to quell the immediate hunger and then LET'S GO WUN AWOUND!!!


Elinor Dashwood said...

Some children are like that. Some are even more singular in their eating habits. When JL was about her age, he used to eat bits and pieces for several days, and then have a day when he ate everything in sight. It was like feeding a python or something. My mother-in-law used to fret about it, but he did very well by following his own system.

WRT the "why" questions, I'll pass along a practice of my mother's that I found very good. She was always perfectly ready to explain why we had to do this or that, as long as we were already doing it. She declined to permit any suggestion that our obedience was contigent upon her being able to convince us that she had a good enough reason for telling us to do the thing.

Zorak said...

I like that suggestion!