This evening O.O. entertained Girl V by watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with her on the TV. She was scared of the Abominable Snowman (AKA the White Monster) and did not want to go to bed. So we had to talk her down.

V: "Where's the monster go? I want to say hi to him!"
O.O. looks and points out the window in the direction of the college where he teaches. "See that light waaaaaaay over there? The monster is waaaay over there."
V: "He's in him office at (College!) Him's working! Him's working at (College!)"
This idea seems to relieve her and she submits to going upstairs to get ready for bed. Then more consoling:

Me: "Do you know who's in charge of the house?"
V: "Daddy!"
Me: "Yes. Daddy and Mommy are in charge." (In an effort to tell her we would keep out the monsters.)
V: "And me too!"

Daddy: "Do you know who can make the monsters go away? Your guardian angel can make the monsters go away."
V: "And Baby Jesus too!"
Daddy: "That's right."
V, rethinking: "No. Him's just a baby. Him can't say 'Go away monsters.' Him just says hi to them."
Daddy: "No, even though Baby Jesus is just a baby, he can make the monsters go away. He is very powerful."

Then we said our goodnight prayer and went to bed peacefully, though wanting more stories.

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Elinor Dashwood said...

The White Monster works at Christendom? Well, he would be right at home in my old office down in the quad. I never put the heat on because there was no setting between OFF and INCINERATE, so it was always nice and fresh in there. There was no intermediate setting on the AC, either, but I like it cold, so that was all right.