Girl V, almost 2 & 1/2

She is so busy that I get overwhelmed even trying to think about writing an update. So here are some free form thoughts, best I can do.
She wants to sleep on my lap "like a tiny little baby" or in my pouch the way Roo sleeps in Kanga's pouch (Winnie the Pooh, for those of you not living in Kidworld.)
Has been pretending to be various things. Started by saying, "Name's Gentle Dog!" Then she was Gentle Dog for several days and ran around the house panting and sometimes with a pretend bone in her mouth. Sometimes would cooperate with requests if Gentle Dog was asked to do them, even if Girl V was not cooperating. Since then has been pretending to be just about anything - lion, parrot, penguin, pigeon, prince, cowboy, Christopher Robin, Miss Piggy, butterfly, even several things at once, by saying "Pigeon is a lady cowboy!" Also assigns identities to Mommy and Daddy, so I have been Mommy Tigger, Mommy Cinderella, Mommy Frog, etc. Daddy was Scary Tiger but then she actually got scared so he had to stop that one.
She was "a little bit scared" of the noisy fireworks but did like looking at them. The loud bangs were what scared her. She was very brave and preferred to watch them from inside the car or under a blanket.
I took her to DC briefly and she liked the escalators and even got on them by herself (as opposed to being carried) after riding them a few times. She liked seeing all the statues in Union Station.
She also saw Daddy riding a bike and freaked out. Then she calmed down after seeing it again. We are hoping she will ride in one of those bike seats with him so he can get some exercise. Her head is way to big for the baby helmet though.
Ok, there's your update. Also I have been mowing the lawn since O.O. threw his back out. Who is the patron saint for backs?

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Elinor Dashwood said...

She also saw Daddy riding a bike and freaked out.

Familiar things in unexpected positions generally get them the first time. One of ours, on first seeing the shower in use, came barrelling downstairs, shouting, "Da baff is comin' down!"