We finally took the plunge and took Girl V to church with us on Sunday - sitting in the pew, with coloring books, like everybody else. She lasted for 25 minutes! before she went outside with Daddy. She colored for a while, then got wiggly and stood on the floor, then started jumping and would not stop, that's when she had to go. But I thought we might get 10 minutes, or maybe 15, out of the first run, so I was excited that she got almost all through the homily. She is very, very wiggly.
When she and Daddy went outside they saw a magical sight: Two white horses taking people on carriage rides on Main street! They came around several times. In describing this experience she said "white" for the first time. The only color she still cannot say is "orange," and she can now say the word "colors." She still has a hard time with "r."
Lately she has started to name groups - like "food," "animals" or "colors" instead of just the members of the group. She is starting to count 10-14 now, though not with much regularity. And she knows some opposites, like hot/cold, light/dark, sad/happy. She likes to jump up and down, hands extended, shouting, "Happy! Happy!" Must be some sort of recessive gene.

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