Baby's first debate:

Tonight she maintained that the lights seen out the window were from a plane AKA "pane," rather than the lights from faraway houses, as I said. So we are actually having little conversations now. Other topics of frequent conversation include:
Where's Daddy?
I want to be released from whatever is restraining me (car seat/crib/arms)
I want to sit on the potty, except that I don't want to
Can I hear a song?
I want to draw

Lately she has been absolutely fascinated by sitting in the tub and pouring water from one cup into another. She will do this until her skin gets all wrinkled and the water is cold. She also got an early Christmas present from Mommy and Daddy - a giant inflatable baby trampoline with inflated sides so she can bounce around and burn off some of her infinite energy. She likes it a lot though she doesn't jump as much as I had hoped.

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