Halloween -

Girl V had a great time on Halloween. Even though my mom rehearsed with her, she never did say "trick-or-treat." At the first few houses, she wanted to take many pieces of candy, or go inside, or hang out on their porch checking out their "pa-kins" and other decorations. But after awhile she picked up the drill - go to a house, take a piece of candy, put it in your pumpkin, wave goodbye (up to five times, as needed) and go to the next house. She did get scared at one particularly over-the-top house and said "No? no?" and grabbed onto Daddy, so we walked away from that one. But she was very excited to see all the people, pa-kins, and "ghoss."
She also knows all her colors except orange and white and has learned who Bert and Ernie are. Her favorite color seems to be brown - "ron" - since it is what she requests most when coloring.
We have a little pamphlet with small pictures that illustrate the rosary prayers that she likes to look at. Today she looked at the image of Jesus being scourged and said "uh-oh!"
Seriously. "Uh-oh."

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