Domino's founder behind request for new design of Ave Maria oratory: "We never did like it," Fessio said. Most embarrassing part of the article: The church, which is technically an oratory because it's affiliated with the university and sacraments cannot be performed there, will have the largest seating capacity of any Catholic church in the United States.
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CBS 2 Chicago: 'No One Steals From God': "He had threatened me that he had a knife so I saw the knife pouch on his belt. So, knowing that he had a knife I had to physically keep his hand away from the knife so I wouldn't be harmed. So I put him basically in a half-nelson and held him to the ground," said Father Foley."
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A Catholic Response to the Desecration of the Eucharist -

You have probably been as frustrated as I have watching the news reports about pro-choice Catholic politicians receiving communion. My frustration has stemmed from the fact that I considered this problem the responsibility of the bishops (for not counseling politicians and if necessary denying them the Sacrament) and the politicians (for harming themselves and the Church). But this evening I have had an idea of something I can do, and maybe, WE can do to respond to this problem.
My suggestion is that faithful Catholics make an act of mortification by denying themselves the Eucharist on October 3, which is Respect Life Sunday. Instead, when Communion is offered, we will remain in the pews to pray for our Church, our politicians and our bishops. This act of mortification has been suggested as spiritually beneficial by Cardinal Ratzinger, who counsels that it should be done as an act of solidarity with our brothers and sisters who cannot receive the Eucharist along with us. I practiced this act of mortification today, after reading the Cardinal’s thoughts and hearing a sermon on today’s Gospel reading.
Why abstain from the Eucharist together? First, it is an act of mortification for our Church. Second, it is an act of solidarity with our pro-choice Catholic brothers and sisters – we show them that we are willing to undergo a penance on their behalf, by denying ourselves what we ask them to deny themselves (until the day they return to communion with the Magisterium). Third, it is a way of showing our communal concern for the sacred treatment of Christ’s body and blood in a way that is respectful of our Church and in keeping with the practices of the saints.
In addition to abstaining on Respect Life Sunday, I also think this witness would be important to undertake at any mass where a pro-choice politician is present.
If you find this idea promising, please link to this post on your blog. I would really like to hear the suggestions and thoughts of the Catholic blogosphere on this idea.
Abortion billboards draw racism charge: In case you think that my contention that some people are too stupid to vote is false, here's the evidence. (a "Planned Parenthood" site): This site urges visitors to donate to PP in honor of the men in their lives: "This year, give the very best. Give your dad and the men you love the gift that keeps on giving - the gift of choice."

I cannot believe they called abortion the gift that keeps on giving. To whom is it a gift? What is the gift? What is its perpetual nature?
All of these are questions they can't possibly want to answer.

Because we're such good friends, I don't even need to comment on this headline -

Mattel gearing up to launch Barbie clothing line in 2004 - Jun. 14, 2004 - other than to say that if Mattel was not a company, but rather a person, that person would be in danger of having its skull smashed with a large flat rock.
George Will is a blowhard. If you think he is erudite, you have zero discernment into human character. His is exactly the type of cowardly, prudish, proud, tepid, emasculated Episcopalianism that has managed the rot of this nation from its core.
Vatican prepares to relax the rules on the celebration of the Tridentine Mass
Catholic World News : "By its nature the gay culture is rife with shadowy, borderline characters -- half-hookers, part-time blackmail artists, sporadic psychopaths, drug dealers, liturgists, thieves. "
Darling Pet Monkey - This is what the O.O. wants so he can train it to fetch him a beer. And to smoke.
If someone ever decides to create an illustrated history of my life, I humbly suggest that this image be included.

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O.O. says: "The idea always looks smaller before you try to say it."
Reads Zorak's expression.
O.O. says, "You don't like my idea. ... I'm going to set fire to the house while you're sleeping."
O.O. walks into the room, pensive, clicking his teeth together. Says: "Get ready to blog something from me." :: Daniel W. Drezner :: The door decorations of North American professors

The saddest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Va. Tells Men: No Sex With Young Girls (
The Associated Press
Monday, June 14, 2004; 1:57 PM

RICHMOND, Va. - The state is posting billboards with messages such as "Isn't she a little young?" as part of a campaign to dissuade men from having sex with underage girls.

The campaign is aimed at reducing the number of young girls who have children with older men, the Virginia Department of Health said Monday.

In 1999 and 2000 in Virginia, men over 18 were responsible for 219 births involving girls who were 13 and 14, the department said.

Messages such as "Isn't she a little young?" and "Sex with a minor, don't go there" also appear on posters, coasters and napkins in bars, restaurants and stores in five cities.

"We encourage adult men to talk to their peers and discourage them from pursuing teenagers. What they are doing is unhealthy and against the law," said Robert Franklin, a health department official.
Archbishop Mansell's Column - June. 2004
TIME Magazine: Battling the Bishops: "Some say there is even a double standard at work. For all the attention that has been given Kerry's problems with the clergy of his church, 'there have not been an equal number of stories about the way Bush has ignored his own faith group, the United Methodist Church, by declining to accept a delegation of bishops that wanted to talk to him about the war,' says Philip Amerson, president of the Claremont School of Theology, a United Methodist seminary in Claremont, Calif."
Maybe that's because no one gives 2 hoots for the moral authority of the Methodists.
Great news
Young people, unsatisfied with Buddhism, are converting to Christianity: "What is it that encourages a young Buddhist to become interested in Jesus?"

"Buddhism doesn't have answers to the basic human questions. People usually say, 'Whatever happens to you comes from your karma.'
All is determined by fate. Young people find this fatalistic vision of life objectionable. Christianity speaks of freedom and responsibility, and this has a liberating power for young people. The young Buddhists who become Christians undergo a true interior revolution. Anyway, I think that every conversion is a mystery. On Easter night I baptized 12 catechumens. I asked myself, 'Why these and not others?' To me they are the 'fish' of the Holy Spirit. Another mystery is the fact that until 1970 there were no conversions among the Khmers; conversions began with the reconstruction of the church in 1990."
Grade Schools Pressed To Offer Foreign Language -
This is a really pitiful press release from US English, an organization devoted to making English the official US language. It seems they are opposed to offering children foreign languages in school because it will take away from their ability to learn English.
I hate public schools.
$75,000 a Record Gift for Yale? Here's How: Yale University will celebrate largest class gift in its history this week when it credits class of 1954 with contribution of more than $110 million; $90 million of total comes from unusual fund-raising exercise born 25 years ago, out of $74,000 in seed money and frustration with university's financial management; in 1979, Richard Gilder and group of classmates pooled their donations and entrusted them to professional money manager with plan to turn principal and interest earned over to Yale at their 50th reunion.
The Gadflyer: Moon Over Washington: "Should Americans be concerned that on March 23rd a bipartisan group of Congressmen attended a coronation at which a billionaire, pro-theocracy newspaper owner was declared to be the Messiah - with royal robes, a crown, the works? Or that this imperial ceremony took place not in a makeshift basement church or a backwoods campsite, but in a Senate office building?"

Great article - / News / Boston Globe / Opinion / Op-ed / The liberal terminology of abortion
The Volokh Conspiracy - Communion Kerfuffle: "The standard line is that the various prelates who have proclaimed that communion is not for supporters of abortion are being intolerant, not being open minded enough about the varities of conscience. The interesting thing is that it is just assumed that to be a good Democrat, you have to support abortion, and not only abortion, but even the forms of it very few doctors will touch with a referral, let alone perform, that is, the killing of infants who could survive in a neo-natal ICU. When it comes to its infallible teaching on abortion, the Democratic Party is more than willing to exercise its power of excommunication and anathema for heretics and apostates. 'I'm a good Democrat, but I'm against abortion' are the words of a Democrat not long for her party. And this hypothetical person would be drummed out, to switch metaphors, for what? For being intolerant, of course. "
Ave atque vale: "One man who understood was Yakob Ravin, a Ukrainian emigre who in the summer of 1997 happened to be strolling with his grandson in Armand Hammer Park near Reagan's California home. They happened to see the former President, out taking a walk. Mr Ravin went over and asked if he could take a picture of the boy and the President. When they got back home to Ohio, it appeared in the local newspaper, The Toledo Blade.
Ronald Reagan was three years into the decade-long twilight of his illness, and unable to recognize most of his colleagues from the Washington days. But Mr Ravin wanted to express his appreciation. 'Mr President,' he said, 'thank you for everything you did for the Jewish people, for Soviet people, to destroy the Communist empire.'
And somewhere deep within there was a flicker of recognition. 'Yes,' said the old man, 'that is my job.'"
MSNBC - For conservative punks, it's about (equal) time
Public Agenda Research Reports: Teaching Interrupted: "Teachers and parents say too many students are losing critical opportunities for learning -- and too many teachers are leaving the profession -- because of the behavior of a few persistent classroom troublemakers. Teachers in particular complain about the growing willingness of some students and parents to challenge teacher judgment and threaten legal action. But both teachers and parents support a variety of remedies, including stricter enforcement of existing rules of conduct, alternative schools for chronically disruptive students and limiting parents' ability to sue schools over disciplinary decisions. "