Young people, unsatisfied with Buddhism, are converting to Christianity: "What is it that encourages a young Buddhist to become interested in Jesus?"

"Buddhism doesn't have answers to the basic human questions. People usually say, 'Whatever happens to you comes from your karma.'
All is determined by fate. Young people find this fatalistic vision of life objectionable. Christianity speaks of freedom and responsibility, and this has a liberating power for young people. The young Buddhists who become Christians undergo a true interior revolution. Anyway, I think that every conversion is a mystery. On Easter night I baptized 12 catechumens. I asked myself, 'Why these and not others?' To me they are the 'fish' of the Holy Spirit. Another mystery is the fact that until 1970 there were no conversions among the Khmers; conversions began with the reconstruction of the church in 1990."

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