Ave atque vale: "One man who understood was Yakob Ravin, a Ukrainian emigre who in the summer of 1997 happened to be strolling with his grandson in Armand Hammer Park near Reagan's California home. They happened to see the former President, out taking a walk. Mr Ravin went over and asked if he could take a picture of the boy and the President. When they got back home to Ohio, it appeared in the local newspaper, The Toledo Blade.
Ronald Reagan was three years into the decade-long twilight of his illness, and unable to recognize most of his colleagues from the Washington days. But Mr Ravin wanted to express his appreciation. 'Mr President,' he said, 'thank you for everything you did for the Jewish people, for Soviet people, to destroy the Communist empire.'
And somewhere deep within there was a flicker of recognition. 'Yes,' said the old man, 'that is my job.'"

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