Shoes with bodies!
O.O. says, "Why do women like Tupperware so much? I'd like some social scientist to investigate that. I don't know why men don't like Tupperware like women do. ... Of course, I haven't asked them."
O.O., on our future children: "I'm not even touching the infant. If I screw THAT up ... its frail, bobbling head ... You get it until it can walk. I get it once it can reason."
Man's Email Font Makes Him Look Gay
O.O. says, "Dude, you need to get Biblical in your Weltanschauung."
No, it's not terrorism, just home-grown idiocy.
Why are women Marines, again? Oh, right - liberation.
New Marine Mom Chooses Discharge to Keep Baby U.S, Marine and new mother, Cpl. Jennifer Washington, has decided to ask for a discharge rather than abandon her baby to go fight in Iraq, Marine Corps officials said on Thursday.
Washington, a mechanic engineer whose Marine sergeant husband was deployed to Iraq in January, was faced with a heartbreaking decision this week when she was given deployment orders herself.
"I told them I can't go and that I have a four-month-old son. They said, 'No, you're going anyway.' Somebody in my command advised me that I can give up my child for adoption. I said 'Oh no, that's not going to happen'," Washington told reporters.
Washington, who has been with the Marines for three years, said she was also the main caregiver for her mother and could not find anyone to care for both her mother and son while she was away.
Weird ... My Way News France's government angrily insisted on Friday that it hopes U.S.-led forces win the war in Iraq, signaling fear in Paris that its image as an untrustworthy friend could seriously damage long-term relations with Washington.
What's Wrong With The Mass? These Folks Know

It's my blog, and if I want to celebrate the greatest Devo song ever, I will!



Cool photo: My Way News Photo - WAR US IRAQ A 155mm Howitzer, seen in this image from video, fires Thursday, March 27, 2003, as the coalition artillery barage continues amid a renewed offensive against Baghdad
NetConversions - Data Center- Color Schemes of Popular Sites
I asked O.O. what he would choose for a DJ name, and he responded "Dr. Cursed Fig Tree." This is the worst DJ name ever, and on top of that it's too long. Why not offer him some new suggestions in the comments box.
Sweet Tea May Be the Law in Georgia
Do Cheaters Ever Prosper? Just Ask Them
O.O. says, "Please, show me how to get the denim of the coital underclasses. I've been waiting for it."
For the person who entered the Google search for primate personality openness - Here's all you need to know. Via the Rat, to whom I am sending a Rat Attack!
Happy belated birthday to William Shatner, who has a blog!
Germany Restricts Game It Says Glorifies War - But they don't restrict Castle Wolfenstein, right, Old Oligarch?
No surprise here ...
Civilian LIFE
You're a civilian.

What branch of the military do you belong in?
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Text ad on The Rat's page:
"Breeders Assistant - Premier rat pedigree software with advanced genetics, free trial"
O.O. (talking to himself): "Lie. Cheat. Steal. ... Bite (makes biting noises with teeth)."
Zorak: "What's that, honey?"
O.O.: "Lying, cheating, stealing, and biting. That's how I'm going to make it."
Some of you may have seen the recent war protesters' sign reading "We support our troops - when they shoot their officers." Now that someone has gone and shot his officers, I'm waiting for them to rally 'round him as a hero. When do you think we'll see that?
Zorak, to O.O.:"Are you going to call your mother?" (O.O. has not called his mother for several days after they had a little argument on the phone.)
O.O.: "I'm going to call her 17 times for 10 minutes in a 'shock and awe' campaign."
Ok, so I haven't blogged anything other than links for some time. Life has been really busy: I got promoted, which is super, and means more $$$ in the savings account, however, until they hire someone to replace my old responsibilities, I have 2 jobs. Both of which of course must be done well so my superiors feel happy about promoting me rather than regretful. So, fun things like staying at work until 10:30 pm etc. Hopefully however we can hire someone soon.
Iris who?
TERRORISTS IN KUWAIT USED D.C. SNIPER'S TECHNIQUE Sky news is reporting terrorists just attacked the remainder of the 101st Airborne still in Kuwait and wounded ten. The two suspects used the same "grenade in the tent" technique as D.C. sniper John Muhammad used during the last Gulf War in 1991.
I was a naive fool to be a human shield for Saddam
via Instapundit. Really interesting. Approaching yet another arena in the ongoing debate over United States immigration policy, Rep. Tom Tancredo says he wants immigrant sponsors to repay any public assistance used by their charges once they get here.

I am infinity

You may worship me,
but from afar

what number are you?
this quiz by orsa
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This quiz said I was obsessive-compulsive. Clearly a wildly inaccurate quiz.

Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?brought to you by Quizilla
I'm going to Hell because I once neglected to flush a public toilet!
You forgot to flush the toilet once in a public washroom. Innocent, yes, but you are absent-minded and slovenly, and slovenly people go to the Bad Place. You slice of filth!
Why Will You Go To Hell? brought to you by Quizilla
Um, sure.

Emotional Wreck. You are extremely emotional. You feel contentment moreso than happiness and your emotional lows are to the extreme. You need to cheer up and start enjoying your life. Where there is rain there is a rainbow and you need to see it more than others. Do something that makes you happy.
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Belated birthday wishes to Cacciaguida!
North Korean Catholics Celebrate Their First Official Mass in Seoul - New kid on screen When Donnie Wahlberg learned that his father, a longtime alcoholic, had suffered several serious strokes and was near death five years ago, he did what any other churchgoing Irish Catholic son would do.
"I had him baptized," the actor reveals.
"He was worried that he was going to die and he wouldn't go to Heaven, so I arranged for it. I said, `Dad, you sent us to church all those years and you don't even have a religion?'"
While Sunday mass played a big part in Wahlberg's life growing up in the middle-class suburb of Dorchester, Mass., the role of family was even larger. He shared a tiny bedroom with his five brothers (there were nine children in all), including Mark, 31, star of Boogie Nights and The Truth About Charlie. - The God Squad is Here! Check Them Out!
This is a really troubling page. via Fr. Bryce.
Dereliction of Duty When he was tapped to accompany President Clinton and carry the nuclear "football" that contains the top-secret codes the President needs in case of nuclear war, Colonel Robert "Buzz" Patterson was proud and grateful. He had already put his life on the line for his country many times as he flew combat missions over the Persian Gulf and Bosnia, and he was honored to take on this new and awesome responsibility.
But when he entered the Clinton White House, his gratitude and awe soon gave way to shock, revulsion, and sorrow - as he saw first-hand the cavalier and self-serving way Slick Willie and his henchmen went about the business of running the country. In Dereliction of Duty: An Eyewitness Account of How Bill Clinton Compromised America's National Security, Patterson tells the whole story. Day in and day out in the Clinton White House, he witnessed the President's contempt for the military, his indifference to important issues except insofar as they served his own political or personal purposes, and his reduction of the Office of the Presidency to a playground for his own ambition and thirst for sordid perks.
Deadlock Over Spiritual Expression ( Priest's Vision, Style Deeply Divide Parishioners at Alexandria Church
Yahoo! News - KISSING COUSINS: NEW YORK LITERATI AND NAZIS It became clear the nation was finally going to war with Iraq this week when The New York Times pulled two dozen reporters off the Augusta National Golf Club story.

Ann Coulter. I love it.
Bad idea of the week: Lewinsky to Host Reality TV Dating Show
O.O., to his dad, an industrial machinist: "It's like something out of Fosse."
Dad: "What's Fosse?"
O.O.: "It's a gay musical about a gay guy who writes gay musicals."
Dad (bewildered): "Ok."
O.O. says, "You're getting a 'Wet Willy,' dude. Or a 'Wet William,' as he's known on his birth certificate."
O.O. says, "I'll have to 'sleeper-hold' you once."
This evening I saw that MSNBC had a counter, while Fox did not. MSNBC it is then.
When will we get the ticking countdown clock on the bottom of the Fox News screen, telling us how many seconds Saddam has to get out of Iraq?
This is what I, the consumer, demand.
Old Oligarch will love this one. Classic Microsoft.
Opera shows graceful, humorous response to Microsoft blunder - Feb 24, 2003 Microsoft has responded to Opera in a petty style: Microsoft began to sabotage the Opera browser when Microsoft discovered it being used to visit the MSN Web site.
As has been documented on the Opera site and elsewhere on the Internet, Microsoft began to send Opera browsers — and Opera browsers alone — instructions to shift the text display 30 pixels to the left for portions of its pages. The intended result was to create the impression that Opera wasn't displaying the pages correctly.
An actual quote from the June 2002 Globe and Mail: "Toronto's economic future lies in gays, live music and immigration."
I am Leviticus.
You are Leviticus
You are Leviticus.

Which book of the Bible are you?
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What Flavour Are You? I taste like Bread.I taste like Bread.

I am a staple in almost everyone's diet. Friends like me are a complement to any other friends I get on with almost everyone, remaining mostly in the background, but providing substance when it would otherwise be lacking. What Flavour Are You?
Big is the new small. Cammie Diaz has one twice this size.

Three Die Retrieving Phone from Latrine
The Daily Nation said police prevented a fourth man from climbing into the latrine and the search for the phone was eventually abandoned.
Happy Space Alien Day! A New Mexico legislator proposed on Monday having the state honor all extraterrestrial beings with a special day that will "celebrate and honor all past, present and future extraterrestrial visitors" to New Mexico, the measure reads.
Rep. Dan Foley, a Republican from Roswell, the spot where some say aliens crash-landed more than 50 years ago, said he introduced the legislation to "enhance relationships among all the citizens of the cosmos, known and unknown."
Catholic Schoolteachers Gone Wild.
Freetail Micro Bat!
O.O., on Zorak's blogging of his statements: "You're just doing this to get an annulment on the grounds of psychological unfitness."
O.O. says," My life is a series of little rituals designed to right the wrongs of the many fictitious people with whom I interact."
Morbid Valentine Gets Teacher in Trouble A theology teacher at a Roman Catholic high school lost his job after giving a student a valentine that read, "I hate you, I wish you would die."
Enraged Computer Owner Shoots Up Machine ( In police reports, Doughty said that he realized afterward that he shouldn't have shot his computer but at the time it seemed like the right thing to do.
Listening to Wham!'s "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go." Sigh. Remember when George Michael was a cute straight guy with a pro-life tee-shirt? Those were good times.
Pro-Marijuana Group Sponsors Road Cleanup
Allen Johnson, president of the Crime Prevention Association of Michigan, which opposes the legalization of marijuana, said he sees at least one benefit to the anti-litter campaign on Gratiot.
"We can be sure all the marijuana butts will be cleaned up on that road," he said.
Fr. Jim has posted some penance suggestions for Lent. O.O. said, "I'm thinking of surviving on just salad." I said, "I think that would fall under the category of a penance that imposes more suffering on others than on yourself." O.O.: "How about salad and meat?"
O.O. says, "Girls have had enough of being abominations throughout salvation history."
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ibidem: The Ring: Part Two
Some British "Human Shields" Flee Iraq, Cite Safety Concerns

When I make up the list of dumbest people who ever lived, these people will definitely be on it. Thanks Rat for the link.
Wrong Headline - The headline for this article should read, "Hockey Player uses the word albeit in a sentence."
Welcome to the Google searcher who was brought to this page using the query What are Bette Midler thoughts on feminism.
If you find out, honey, let us know.
Twins Are Reunited After 20 Years
Below the Beltway (
By Gene Weingarten
Sunday, February 16, 2003; Page W03
I am on the phone with Robert Burrows, author of the recently published political novel Great American Parade. This book has sold only 400 copies nationwide, and Burrows seems flabbergasted to be hearing from me. The most prestigious newspaper to have shown any interest so far is the Daily Student at Indiana University.
I tell Burrows that if he is willing to submit to an interview, I am willing to review his book at length in The Washington Post. The only catch, I said, is that I am going to say that it is, in my professional judgment, the worst novel ever published in the English language.
"My review will reach 2 million people," I said.
"Okay," he said.
Wonders never cease.
The employee who has been driving me absolutely out of my mind (or maybe, further out of it) by consistently turning in work several days past his deadline without good reason ACTUALLY TURNED IN SEVERAL ASSIGNMENTS EARLY. I'm in shock. I had spent the whole weekend planning how to discipline him when he didn't turn them in. But here they are! in my inbox! Maybe I got through to him? Maybe he has been replaced by some sort of body double?
O.O., on a student: "She was sick, so she may be a little off. She's normally perfect. Frighteningly perfect. A perfect monster."

(minutes later)

O.O.: "It's so bad to be a gay Indian named Anil."

(minutes later)

O.O.: "When we have kids and a house, we're going to have massive amounts of electrical equipment in the basement so I can teach the kids what a 'cap farm' is."