LP News Online: March 2003: Manhattan Libertarians start (toy) Guns for Tots campaign

[January 28] Tongues firmly in cheeks, the Manhattan Libertarian Party has launched a "Guns for Tots" drive to protest a new city gun-control bill.
Toy guns, that is.
On January 22, Manhattan LP spokesman Jim Lesczynski publicly announced the "philanthropic" campaign, which will work to give toy guns -- including water pistols and cap guns -- to the city's children.
The drive is a response to a new bill that would prohibit the sale or possession of any toy gun that resembles a real weapon.
Microsoft failed to install own patch Microsoft Corp. itself was exposed to the virus-like attack that crippled global Internet activity last weekend because it failed to install crucial fixes to its own software on many Microsoft computer servers, according to internal e-mails obtained by The Associated Press.
Salon.com | Salon's New Deal OK, here's the deal: Starting today, you can gain access to Salon in either of two ways: You can pay our low subscription price (as little as 5 cents a day) or you can click through a multiple-screen advertisement.

That's just pitiful.
O.O. says: "Spacewhore."
Beltway Goat Evades Would-Be Captors
Chinese usher in year of the goat
Butte College's goat-tending llama dead
Giant Straw Christmas Goat in Sweden Survives Holidays for First Time Since 1997

The truth is out there.
O.O.'s prediction of how President Bush would announce war during his speech: "At this very moment, somewhere in Iraq, towels are flying off heads."
O.O., watching TV, says; "There's a good-looking sailor!"
I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.
14,000 Crows Live on College Campus
Kansas City Star | 01/27/2003 | KU researchers have a theory: Force smokers to light up and they'll want to quit
Survey: 34% of Americans say Jews have too much influence... : SF Indymedia
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Jail cells 'made from modern art' This is wild.
Welcome, welcome to the person who arrived at this site after searching for "tiny dancer" derogatory. You're in good company.
Please pray for my friend S. and his family. His father died unexpectedly of a heart attack over the weekend. Thanks.
AskNow is a free reference service provided by Australia's major libraries. It will help internet users find out almost anything on the spot just by chatting online with a librarian.
O.O. and I had speculated that Bishop Weigand's remarks were the product of the previous Calif. incident in which the Msgr. running an orphanage told Gov. Gray Davis not to set foot on the grounds until he had repented of his pro-life stance. Seems this was in fact the case:
Bishop challenges Davis on abortion At the morning Mass, Weigand praised Monsignor Edward Kavanagh, who last month told Davis' staff that the governor was not welcome to deliver gifts to St. Patrick's Orphanage. (The children received their gifts from Davis at the Capitol.) Kavanagh asked Davis to renounce his abortion-rights views before visiting.
The governor's response to Kavanagh was blunt: "I'm unapologetically pro-choice and I'm not changing my position."
Weigand said Wednesday evening that the confrontation forced him to confront Davis.
"Ever since the little incident last month, people have been asking questions. They asked "how can a Catholic be in good standing and still hold that point of view? I'm saying you can't be a Catholic in good standing and hold that point of view. The governor's position is very public and contrary. ... You can't have it both ways."
The Advocate - Catholics take rail pilgrimage to D.C.
Catholic seminary offers course on sexuality
Priests-in-training learn about challenges of celibacy, avoiding abuse - taught by a UCC minister.
Classic moment with O.O.: We didn't get to go to St. Louis parish (home of the no-nonsense mass) today as it takes about 3 hours total with the commute and we just didn't have time. So we grudgingly attend our liturgically challenged local parish. For the first song, the perky choirmistress asks us to turn to Hymn #123, titled "Anthem." O.O. turns to me and whispers, "I wonder if Ayn Rand wrote it?" Hard not to giggle in church.
How NOT To Share Your Faith: The Seven Deadly Sins Of Apologetics And Evangelization - good idea. Should probably read this.
Those of you who like Victor Lams' blog might be interested in his MP3.com page where you can listen to his music.
"Rosslyn is jostlin'." - Old Oligarch, tipsy, attempting to pay a compliment to the city of Rosslyn.
"Its mechanical sterility gives me strange feelings of pleasure." O.O., speaking in a German accent, on the KitchenAid mixer.
Deep thinkers missing in action | csmonitor.com Even at elite campuses, some students and faculty fret over anti-intellectualism
Interesante. I'm sure if I was creative I could think of a cute pun on the word minority, but I'm not right now. :(
This kicks a**. Via Eve.
Rapper DMC Lauds Jam Master Jay Probe "You know a lot of people think that cops are the enemy and they really don't care. But the police that are working on Jay's death are doing an excellent job," DMC said in an interview with MTV News, airing Tuesday.
Probation Ends for Convicted Hacker No longer on probation, convicted computer hacker Kevin Mitnick can log on to the Internet for the first time in eight years.
READ this summary of several books published for the 30th anniversary of Roe v Wade: Planned Un-Parenthood
Jesus Gil has an interesting post on William James Sidis. Don't know who Sidis is? Well ... click n' read!
Did you know there is a gay frat? Delta Lambda Phi - National Social Fraternity for Gay Bisexual and Progressive Men
HOT Lanes Have a Mixed Record Elsewhere (washingtonpost.com) - This article notes that some people criticize HOT lanes - which allow cars with one occupant to pay a toll to use HOV lanes - as "Lexus Lanes," which are used more often by the wealthy. This sort of criticism drives me batty. WHO CARES, if it reduces traffic? I blogged a similar piece earlier which noted that parents at some schools were angry that their (public) schools were not receiving gifts (such as money for special educational programs) from private donors, while other public schools were. Instead of working to generate gifts to their own schools, their solution was to prevent anyone from receiving gifts at all. Some people are so torn apart by insecurity that they must destroy anyone who is succeeding where they are not.
LiveWire: Classic Games Get New Life on the Web
Penguins Swim in Mock Migration to Nowhere
Jan 17, 11:15 AM (ET)
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The penguins at the San Francisco Zoo are swimming around in circles for hours at a time because they have been bamboozled by six new birds into performing a mock migration, officials say.
The marathon began late last month when the newcomers joined the colony, leaving the zoo's penguin keeper Jane Tollini scratching her head as to how the birds from an Ohio theme park, convinced the 46 others to start in with the frenzied swimming.
They are so determined even a lack of water cannot keep the birds from the 130-feet-long, 40-feet-wide pool. When zoo keepers first drained the pool for cleaning, the penguins simply jumped in and walked around the bottom.
BBC NEWS | Middle East | 'Biblical Temple' tablet found Israeli geologists say a purportedly ancient stone tablet detailing repair plans for the Jewish Temple of King Solomon is genuine, an Israeli newspaper has reported
Smartest statement I've read in a month - From Mark Shea at HMS Blog: "There are two kinds of questions: those we ask to find things out and those we ask to keep from finding things out."
Times Leader | 01/15/2003 | Area priests dish out their criticisms - Priests' quotes from an anonymous survey - "The Catholic church has created a good deal of its own problems by ignoring ritual, history, music, tradition and watering down what people get. Many priests wrongly presume that people prefer the 'express Mass' or the 'late-night monologue' type homily, rather than offer a well-prepared, meaningful liturgy."
Star Telegram | 01/13/2003 | Unitarian Universalists may add 'God' to beliefs
Woman says diocese neglected her demon possession via Amy Welborn.
allAfrica.com -- Uganda: Born-Again Shuns Christ
Cool idea - The idea for a smoke detector that lets parents record a message to tell young children what to do when there is a fire came in a dream, one of its inventors says.
Penguin Cultural Imperialism
Sorry about the porn image that greeted some of you this morning. Serves me right for linking to someone else's image. Thanks Kairos Guy for letting me know!
CNS NEWS BRIEFS - Vatican says 'sex-change' operation does not change person's gender

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- After years of study, the Vatican's doctrinal congregation has sent church leaders a confidential document concluding that "sex-change" procedures do not change a person's gender in the eyes of the church. Consequently, the document instructs bishops never to alter the sex listed in parish baptismal records and says Catholics who have undergone "sex-change" procedures are not eligible to marry, be ordained to the priesthood or enter religious life, according to a source familiar with the text. The document was completed in 2000 and sent "sub secretum" (under secrecy) to the papal representatives in each country to provide guidance on a case-by-case basis to bishops. But when it became clear that many bishops were still unaware of its existence, in 2002 the congregation sent it to the presidents of bishops' conferences as well. "The key point is that the (transsexual) surgical operation is so superficial and external that it does not change the personality. If the person was male, he remains male. If she was female, she remains female," said the source.
Breaking News (ha): GAO: Social Security Reform May Mean Cuts
How I Joined Teach for America—and Got Sued for $20 Million by Joshua Kaplowitz re: the other teaching article I blogged a few posts down.
Nazi bear disrupts Christmas - A story for the Old Oligarch, who will be pleased to find that the two most powerful forces of evil in the world - Nazism and panda "bears" have united, allowing us to conquer them both in a single orgy of rage.
Byrd didn't inhale
I am more popular than Amy Welborn. There's a small victory for you.
Did you know that The Rat is illiterate? And she's gone through the trouble of posting an extremely elaborate post on her blog to make us think otherwise? And that the blog itself is written by someone she pays to keep her secret! Such intrigue is unknown at this blog. I'm just a big cranky bug.
Teachers who try to turn around bad schools, but get discouraged and worn down by the unwillingness of the students to improve themselves, Are the problem. Lazy, unruly students who are so rude that schools cannot find anyone to teach them are Not the problem. They are victims.

Thanks for the lesson CNN!
You learn something new every day. I had forgotten that New Order was Joy Division minus Ian Curtis. Wow, that changes everything. Must listen to all New Order songs all over again.
OCP Publications - I figured, why not check out their website?
Quebec Catholic church says 295 baptisms invalid Diocese of St-Jérôme contacting parents after it finds sacrament not done properly
Story of a convert from Islam to Christianity. I can't decide whether he is brave or stupid for allowing this to be published. He may very well be killed for this testimony.
Idiot makes argument for 'affirmative action' based on family financial status, thinks she is arguing for race-based quotas

My favorite quote, explaining why her SAT scores were low: "Many of the SAT questions were simply irrelevant for me as an African-American, and my parents couldn't afford to send me to classes to help boost my score."

I'll come clean here. My SAT scores were high - but this is NOT because the SAT questions were "relevant for me as a white American." SAT questions aren't relevant to anyone, especially anyone who's 17. It IS in part because I studied, using FREE BOOKS CHECKED OUT FROM THE LIBRARY. But that's probably not relevant to the author either.

Next good quote: "Diverse student bodies help all students work through their differences and acquire skills needed in today's workplaces." Because these are, of course, the goals of a liberal arts education. And besides, if one hasn't attended a diverse school so that he can witness the self-segregation of minorities that inevitably occurs, can he really be said to have learned anything? It is clearly impossible to learn about verb declension without at least one Laotian and/or Lithuanian within 10 feet of each non-Laotian/Lithuanian student.

The idiot proceeds: "the corporate world still has much work to do. Next week, the Rev. Jesse Jackson's annual Wall Street Project will again challenge corporate America to end its trade deficit with minority vendors, employees and consumers. 'That does not reflect a talent deficit, but an opportunity deficit,' Jackson rightly says. 'We did not know how good baseball could be until everybody could play. We don't know how good the capital market can be until everybody can play.'''

And we don't know how good sex can be until everybody on our personal staffs can play either, right, Reverend? And what a terrible metaphor! In the case of baseball, seasoned and able baseball players from the Negro Leagues improved the level of play in white baseball leagues. So, in fact, we DID know how good baseball could be. That knowledge, based on the performance of players in the Negro Leagues, was part of the motivation for integrating the game. In the case of the job market, this metaphor does not hold. Sorry, Reverend, but most major corporations are already way past diversity among employees and working to establish diversity among suppliers when possible. But there is NO trade deficit. Maybe instead of simply declaring there is one, the Rev. can produce for us a list of five (5) minority-owned companies who offer excellent services/products to Fortune 500 corporations but cannot find work. I would love to see it, but anticipate that reading a good review of the movie Tremors is far more likely.

What a complete idiot. And hey, her company just happens to sell consulting services on "diversity and inclusion consulting!" And this is an op-ed? They should have made her pay for advertising space.

This is why I hate the fact that my mother and her husband read USA Today. I think it would be healthier for the mind to ram one's head against a wall vigorously each morning.
Blogs without comments boxes are for wussies.
Autopsy Shows Columbine Gunman Shot Self The families of Klebold and Harris last year agreed to pay about $1.6 million to nearly three dozen families of victims and survivors. The two families asked a judge to force the family of slain student Isaiah Shoels to accept the settlement.

I don't recall hearing about this ...
Another colleague's quote: "By no means do I consider myself an expert on the culture of the West - although I do know someone who owns a TiVo."
O.O. says: "Pigs with tusks are nicer than pigs without tusks. They are the 'deluxe' version."
D.C. Gang Members Convicted In Killings
I was one of the potential jury pool candidates for this. Thank God I got out of it, and that the trial brought these people to justice.
A quote from my British-born colleague, on our nation's future: "Check yourself, America, before you wreck yourself."

Yahoo! News - Hitler's sexuality is HBO topic Thu Jan 9, 3:22 AM
By Andrew Wallenstein

NEW YORK (The Hollywood Reporter) --- HBO is developing a documentary based on a controversial book that claims Adolf Hitler was gay.
Scheduled to air next year on either HBO or Cinemax, the documentary will draw from "The Hidden Hitler," a biography released in 2001 to heavy criticism from historians who disputed its allegations. One academic who reviewed the book for the Washington Post chastised the author, German history professor Lothar Machtan, for coming "perilously close to blaming the entire Holocaust on Hitler's alleged sexuality."
A reason to look forward to 2004.
I have a big ol' presentation at work tomorrow, right before my performance review will be written! How big? Let's put it this way - I'll be wearing a skirt. Please say a prayer that all goes well. Thanks.
Abortion Rights Group Plans a New Focus
Harrison Hickman, a NARAL pollster, said focus groups had shown that there was a sharp drop in understanding of the abortion issue among those who were children in 1973. "For a lot of them, if you showed them a coat hanger, they don't know what it means," he said.

Maybe that's because they were ABORTED.
Parents' horror at school show PARENTS have complained after the traditional Christmas nativity play was ditched at a Co Down primary school this year in favour of a cult adult show.
Instead of the usual stable scenes, youngsters took part in a version of the Rocky Horror show.
Eyebrows were raised as nine and ten-year-olds at St Mary's Primary in Newcastle vamped it up in the controversial cross-dressing extravaganza.
Staff said they had "no problem" with putting on the raunchy musical.
It was claimed that the highpoint of the performance saw two boys dressed in skirts embrace one another.
The topic of homosexuality was also discussed with the children as they prepared for rehearsals.
However, some furious mums and dads said they were disgusted by "grossly inappropriate costumes being used by children".
One mother, whose ten-year-old son took part, said most parents had been unaware of the content of the play before seeing it.
"I did not expect boys in short skirts and stilettoes," she said.
"This was not an appropriate show for children to watch never mind perform in. It was not only revolting but anti-Christian."
Principal Darina Flanagan said, however, that she was not prepared to answer to anonymous criticisms.
A spokesman for the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools said it was important children learned to become good citizens.
"Children need to learn about homosexuality so they don't become bigots. But maybe the Rocky Horror Show was the wrong vehicle to do this."
Police enforcing public drunkenness laws at local bars - Just another reason to drink at home.
Institute on Religious Life
"To support and promote the gift of consecrated life"
Another O.O. quote:

Zorak: "Honey, you have a piece of glitter on your face."
O.O.: "That's not glitter. That's a place where the thin flesh-like covering over my metallic exoskeleton has worn off, revealing my inner robotic form."
St. Joseph statue burial helps move real estate, some believe
"I'm not Catholic, I'm Episcopalian, but I thought 'Why not?'"


"It's a Catholic tradition, but we sell a lot to Protestants who have heard about it," says proprietor Dave Lichius, whose inventory is one of several on the Internet that includes St. Joseph home sale kits. "They just want to sell their homes and at that point theology goes out the window."

Aah, priorities . . . I don't suppose these people are interested in their living quarters for all eternity, though.
Was Hitler a Catholic? The allegation is sometimes made that Hitler was a Catholic - a Christian until the day he died. This claim is based upon the fact that Hitler was born Catholic.
However, as an adult, Hitler specifically rejected the Catholic Church, as well as Christianity in general. He described himself as "a complete pagan."
CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Imposters - Pretty wild stuff here.
Woo hoo! E-Pression hits 10,000 visits!
fotos del apocalipsis - weblog catolico argentino:
Do you read Spanish (or struggle along in it as I do)? If so this blog is worth reading, if for no other reason than to learn that the Spanish translation of "The Old Oligarch" is "El viejo oligarca."
DIRECTIONS: You Must Be Born Again--but at What Age? - Christianity Today Magazine

Q: I grew up hearing about the "age of accountability." What is the biblical basis for that principle?
—Randy Bishop, Lombard, Illinois

A: This term refers to the time when individuals become mature enough to be morally responsible for their acts and consciously responsive to God's grace. The term is not found in the Bible, but (like worshiping on Sunday) it is inferred from various Scriptures that seem to speak to the early spiritual consciousness of children and their accountability before God.

Me: So can't we all agree that both Catholics AND Protestants believe in Scripture AND Traditions, but that they have DIFFERENT TRADITIONS and ways of settling on a tradition?
Thanks, I feel better now.
Willamette Week Online | Cover Story | RUBBISH! Portland's top brass said it was OK to swipe your garbage--so we grabbed theirs.
College Seniors No More Knowledgeable Than 1950s High School Grads -- 12/18/2002 - In the spirit of "Here's an article that confirms a pet theory of mine."
Veritas has a great post linking to all the recent St. Blog's discussions of traditionalism/integrism.
washingtonpost.com: You Haven't Lived Here If... - fun series for DC residents from the WP.
Not Welcome in Virginia (washingtonpost.com) The Washington Post laments Virginia's prevention of gay couples from adopting: "Gay men will adopt. All that the Virginia courts can achieve by standing firm is to drive them out of the state."

And the problem with that is ....?
Astrologer Sydney Omarr Dies at 76 (washingtonpost.com) - and he didn't predict it ...
O.O. says: "Someday you'll molt and become a beautiful woman."
Victor Lams gets it right on the ickiness of cloning for the person cloned: "That's right, Jenny: Your mommy loved herself so much that she had you created to be just like her!" Talk about pressure to not disappoint your parents: "You know, Jenny, when I was your age I was twenty pounds lighter than you are and could already read. And don't give me any of that crap about how you can't read or how you're hungry all the time because I know what you're capable of!"
I always thought this would be especially creepy in the case of kids cloned from dead siblings, given the dead sibling's name, clothes and toys, etc. Maybe mom and dad can sit the kid down at age 5 to go over the child's interests and development for the next 10 years, based on what the sibling liked. And of course, the hairstyles will be the same too. But this is only the latest stop on the "kid as possession" journey.
Fighting Pop-Unders
"Now, as a spate of ill-conceived Web ventures are failing, some Internet entrepreneurs, in desperation, have turned to pop-unders, an ad technology originally conceived by the online pornography industry. The law may allow it, but the good news is that Web users can fight back.
The key to blocking most pop-under (and 'up') ads, it appears, is to disable JavaScript on your Web browser. Doing this universally, however, prevents certain types of sites – such as online banking – from performing properly. The trick is to disable JavaScript selectively on a site-by-site basis. It was David Lerner, proprietor of Tekserve, the New York City Apple Computer specialist, that helped me find a realistic solution to block the ads when he passed on this URL. In it, I found an answer that can reduce the ad plague for both Mac and Windows users.
In a nutshell, using browser preferences creates a 'security zone' around offending sites. Within this zone, you can selectively disable JavaScript for the specific sites whose ads you wish to block. On Internet Explorer 5.0 for Macintosh, I went to 'Preferences,' selected 'Security Zones,' and then selected 'Restricted Sites Zone.' I then entered the custom settings panel and disabled scripting, plug-ins and Active X controls. Then I selected 'Add Sites' and listed the URLs of those sites that send me the ads.
Bingo, it worked."
A New Year's Baby With an Additional Difference: 2 Moms (washingtonpost.com) - Aah, but she doesn't have 2 moms. She has a mother and a father. Now see, that wasn't so hard!
CNN.com - Frist offers 'invaluable' aid to crash victims - Jan. 2, 2003 - nice story. A family friend was an ambulance nurse for a while - these people see a lot of horrible things. Keep them in your prayers.
Priest brings messsage of hope - Old priest with unusual background ministers to San Quentin lifers. Interesting story.
Ave Maria University leaders already working on getting temporary site running The big year for Ave Maria University is 2006.
The proposed Catholic university, to be built on farmland 25 miles east of Naples and 10 miles southwest of Immokalee, has been targeted to open in the fall of that year.

Wow, orthodoxy moves quickly for once!
New Appreciation for Old Computers
A Theist Gal: Fun site, fun links.
O.O. says: "I would bomb Korea with Iraqis. I would fling dead Iraqis all over the landscape. ... We need more Greco-Roman military tactics."
HoustonChronicle.com - Houston's suburbs have the most concealed guns