Parents' horror at school show PARENTS have complained after the traditional Christmas nativity play was ditched at a Co Down primary school this year in favour of a cult adult show.
Instead of the usual stable scenes, youngsters took part in a version of the Rocky Horror show.
Eyebrows were raised as nine and ten-year-olds at St Mary's Primary in Newcastle vamped it up in the controversial cross-dressing extravaganza.
Staff said they had "no problem" with putting on the raunchy musical.
It was claimed that the highpoint of the performance saw two boys dressed in skirts embrace one another.
The topic of homosexuality was also discussed with the children as they prepared for rehearsals.
However, some furious mums and dads said they were disgusted by "grossly inappropriate costumes being used by children".
One mother, whose ten-year-old son took part, said most parents had been unaware of the content of the play before seeing it.
"I did not expect boys in short skirts and stilettoes," she said.
"This was not an appropriate show for children to watch never mind perform in. It was not only revolting but anti-Christian."
Principal Darina Flanagan said, however, that she was not prepared to answer to anonymous criticisms.
A spokesman for the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools said it was important children learned to become good citizens.
"Children need to learn about homosexuality so they don't become bigots. But maybe the Rocky Horror Show was the wrong vehicle to do this."

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