Girl V, 33 months

Taking a bubble bath. Daddy put his feet in the tub once and now she insists I do it every bath. It is nice to soak my feet so I don't mind.

Me: "Do you know what's inside a bubble?"
V.: "No."
Me: "Air. A bubble is soap with air inside."
V.: "Oh!....What else, inside?"
Me: "Nothing else is inside. Just air."
V.: "What about bunnies?"
Me: "Nope, no bunnies. Just air."
V.: "And bunnies too!"

When she cries, she now narrates how sad she is. "Mommy, I'm sad. Not happy, no! I got tiny little tears dripping on me! I'm really sad! Don't make me happy! I not gonna be happy, I'm really sad! I'm crying, Mommy, I'm crying!"

Also, today, slipped and fell (no injuries.) "Mommy, I dropped myself!"

Now understands the concept of preference. "Mommy, which one you like?" She doesn't like it if we both like the same thing sometimes, and tells me that I like a different one so that she can be the only one who likes the item.

V.: "Mommy, I want to get married."
Me: "Who do you want to get married to?"
V.: "To you, Mommy!"
Me: "You can't marry me. You have to find a boy to marry."
V.: "A boy? Where's a boy?"
Me: "You have to go find one that you like."
V.: "Oh Mommy, when you grow up, you('ll) be a boy."


Anonymous said...

Very fun, and very sweet. And I'm not sure that the parenthetical in the last line is correct. She may have meant "you be a boy" as a command.

Zorak said...

No, she was telling me I would grow up to be a boy. I left out some mumbling about "getting bigger and bigger."

Elinor Dashwood said...

If she sees bunnies, there are bunnies. Small children can see things that we can't.

Cacciaguida said...

Actually we now have two bunnies. Though aren't in bubbles, though (so far as we can see).

Father Shane Tharp said...

What I love is your child's attempts at English sound much like my efforts to communicate in Spanish.