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Sorry, I forgot my password and did not have time to go hunt around and find it. Today we made jack-o-lanterns (just drew on them, no carving) and Girl V named them Chaneylaney, Taskalaskas, and Tikkitootot. She feeds them sand. She is very interested in skeletons, ghosts, cats, bats, pumpkins, trick or treating and of course CANDY.

She remains super cute and is the center of attention everywhere she goes. This is compounded by her friendliness, she walks down rows of people smiling and waving "Hello everybody! My dress is so prettiful!"

She has recently done something very unusual. She read a book about a little boy who goes to the doctor and gets a checkup, and as part of the checkup he gets a shot. So Girl V wanted a shot too. We were driving around one day and she said "Mommy, I want to go to the doctor and get a shot," totally out of the blue. I remembered that she was scheduled for the flu shot the next week so I said, "Ok, if you are really really good, we can go get one next week." I figured this request was because of the book and that once she got there she would not want the shot but hey, milk it for all it's worth while she still wants to go. The day before her appointment we took her with us while we got our flu shots so she could see what that was all about. Both of us bled but she did not care. Still excited about getting her shot the next day. So we went to her shot and she was still happy to go and happy to wait for the shot. Then we took her in to actually get it, waiting to see when she would finally figure out what was going on and start to cry. Well, she grimaced a little during the shot but did not cry. Then she went out and said "I want to get ANOTHER shot!" Later on in the week when she got frustrated she would cry and say "I want to go to the doctor and get another shot!" in the same tone that she uses for "I want to go to the circus!" So we officially have the weirdest kid in the world, but I am not complaining.

Our theory is that she is just very bored and constantly wants new and different experiences, and that's why she liked the shot. Who knows.

She is very well spoken these days and very interested in the alphabet and words. She seems to understand that letters make words and words convey information and likes to read baby dictionaries. So maybe she will start reading soon. It would not surprise me.

My horrible work situation is for now "in abeyance." It may blow up again later but I think it is basically okay. Waiting to see...

There is a big meeting on Thursday that is stressing me out a lot. If anyone wants to pray for that, and for Stephanie, Betty, Anita, Karen, Phil, and Joseph that would be great. I am just figuring all my readers must like praying for me if they are still reading this blog because it is just kid updates and prayer requests at this point.

Please pray also for Sara F who needs to find a job at which she can succeed.


Special K said...

Next thing you know, she'll be wanting piercings and tatoos!

Cacciaguida said...

Next? Sounds like she likes piercings already!

Han said...

Girl V: "Pain don't hurt."