What the V can do: age 29 months

She can say:
"I hear a mourning dove."
"I did it!"
"I like that book."
Lots of pronoun use. Some confusion like "There is her." and "Where is she?" said of non-female objects.

Also: "Thomas is crying! Baby's crying!"
Dad: "Yes, Thomas was crying. Is Thomas a baby?"
V: "No."
Dad: "What is Thomas?"
V: "A boy."
Dad: "And what is (Girl V)?"
V: "A GIRL!"

So she finally knows she is a girl. She is starting to understand and answer "or" questions "Is your hair straight or curly?" instead of just repeating the last option.

Likes to pretend that she is scaring me, or a toy is scaring me, or scaring her. Very interested in scariness generally. Also LOVES to pretend that Daddy is "Daddy Cat" and then order the cat around.

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Ed the Roman said...

Scaring is tremendous fun at 2.5ish.