Layout changes

Time to say goodbye to YACCS comments. Sad, sad. Hello Blogger comments and layout. Limited time to update and maintain the blog has led to this change. This new automation should help.


Dave said...

First comment?

Woohoo! I rule!

I know, I need a hobby.

Cacciaguida said...

Looks nice!

Funny story -- when I first added comments to Cacciaguida, I went first to RateYourMusic to see if I could use YACCS; figuring, of course, that anything Herself was doing must be the best. But they were full up -- not taking any new blog comment clients!

Mark Shea was dissing Haloscan in those days, so I initially went with a different comment service: "SquawkTV" or something like that. Eventually they developed a case of the galloping sucks, so I turned to Haloscan, and have been content with them.

Blogger's own comment service works well too. What's important is that the girl who once said "Blogs without comment boxes are lame" should have comment boxes!

Flambeaux said...

Shiny. I like it.

We hope all is well with y'all.

Steven CC said...


And a nice shade of green. Not quite something a third-world dictator would wear, but nice.

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