Girl V has noticed that ladies have "boovs," and has asked if she can "have boovs too?" (I told her "Yes. Later.") She also wants to get married, drive a car, and use a sword and shield.

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Cacciaguida said...

Well, all right, I'll start it off.

I just wanted to note that the b-to-v consonant identity is common to several languages; e.g. Hebrew, where the language is known to its speakers as "Ivrit"; or Castilian, where the regnal lists show kings called in some versions "Bermudo" and in others "Vermudo."

In Castilian, an initial "v" is pronounced as a hard "b," so that that particular king's name is pronounced the same no matter which way you spell it. The name of the city "Valladolid" is pronuounced "Bah-yah-doh-LEETH." And so it goes.

Now, I've never thought, personally, that "b" and "v" sound at all alike. But, out of the mouths of baves....