Peace on Earth - V, 28 months

Today we took Girl V to church and she was GOOD. Really good, sat on my lap and was quiet 99% of the time. AMAZING given we just started the "taking her to Mass" experiment about 6 weeks ago and figured we would be struggling for longer. Of course, we are still sitting out in the narthex, not in the church itself. That is the next big hurdle, because all the people will be very distracting to her. So I think we will wait a while for that. We are just happy we can attend Mass as a family without getting frustrated and bickering.
V also went to the store with me and was again very good. Her favorite place to go is the Post Office and she now requests to go. "Post Office! Post Office!" She is a weird little kid. I am not sure what she likes about it.
We went to a local festival on Saturday which she enjoyed. She got to pet some dogs, see some people jumping on a ride - "Acrobats!" - and get a balloon. Then after we left, she started banging it on the grass, and of course it popped. Her face fell a little but she did not cry. She wanted to fix it, but we told her we couldn't. She talked a lot about how she had popped it.
She really likes her Cinderella DVD and is trying to sing the "Bibbity Bobbity Boo" song. I can't even sing that one.

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