Girl V now 27 months old.

She has recently mastered transitive verbs and is now acquiring them rapidly - hear, wear, find, drop, clean, squish.
She is HIGHLY SOCIAL and wants me to do EVERYTHING that she is doing. If she's pouring water - "Mommy, pouring too!" then when I do: "Two pourings!"
She got a sandbox today which she loves despite the fact that we did not put the sand in yet (wanted to sleep on the placement of it before loading it w/ 300 lbs of sand.)
She is very interested in the concept of hiding. Whenever she can't see something, or someone is not around, she says it/they are hiding. My mom came to visit and now that she is gone, she is hiding. But she also knows the real meaning of hiding, she just needs to narrow it down.
She is now learning songs like Baa Baa Black Sheep, Ring Around the Rosey (which she thinks means run a circle around something), ABC song. Loves to dance, likes to go to stores with me but gets frustrated when she can't get out of the card and dance to the music on the loudspeakers.
We drive by a cow pasture on our way to a frequently visited destination, but cows are not out yet despite the nice weather. She remembers that they were there several months ago and now hypothesizes that the cows are not visible because they are playing "Ring Around the Rosey."
She is very ok with someone leaving and does not throw a tantrum, typically, just says, "Bye! See you later! Love you very much!"
Fakes injuries for sympathy, or fakes needing to go potty, particularly when about to be punished. But is pretty good at saying please now. Also says "excuse me" but at weird times, so I am not sure what she thinks it means.
We are starting to try and take her to church, which she does not like. She misbehaves loudly so I have to take her out, which is where she wants to be. So I try to keep "out of church" more boring than church, which is not easy. She just cannot get the concept of not talking at "normal volume" in church. I guess we will just have to wait until she understands it. We are going to short masses and trying to avoid the priest who preaches at length.

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