Today, all 3 of us went to see the Ringling Brothers Circus, thanks to my Mom who sprung for the tickets. Girl V had a great time. We had been reading books and watching a video about the circus for 2 weeks so that she would know about clowns and acrobats. On the way there, we stopped in the parking lot of a McDonald's and she said "here it is circus!" so we had to explain that no, the parking lot was not the circus. So we got inside and sat down at the circus only to have her tell us that she needed to go to the potty. She NEVER tells us she needs to go at home, so I was a little surprised and not really wanting to take her to the strange stadium bathroom. But she kept asking, for about 10 minutes, so I decided to take her. And she went, and was totally unfazed by all the strangeness, and we were done in 2 minutes! WOW. Then later, she asked to go again, and we did, with NO drama. Amazing.
She did a good job at sitting still for a long time - the show was 2.5 hrs, though it did have an intermission. She was a little unnerved by a large, moving, inflatable dragon that breathed smoke, and the confetti that they shot EVERYWHERE (think national party conventions on TV) before intermission, but otherwise everything was cool.
She was pretty overwhelmed by the many clowns, elephants, tigers, dancers, acrobats, horses, etc. She made some comments about the events but I could not hear her. We will see what she says about it tomorrow. They had 7 guys riding mini-motorcycles at high speed inside a spherical steel cage about 15 feet in diameter. It was WILD.
In the car on the way home, she sang the whole "Baa Baa Black Sheep" song. I have been singing it to her but did not realize she knew the whole thing. She has also been tracing letters in her coloring books and making "seahorses" out of playdough. She is 26.5 months now.

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