I need prayers to St. Thomas More for a private, job-related intention.
If anyone is willing to do, like, a whole rosary, I could use it!

To say thank you, I will briefly relate fun Girl V progress. Girl V, now almost 26 months old, continues to improve her verbal skills. We took a car trip yesterday on the highway, and she told me that some of the signs were squares and some were rectangles, as well as counting them and describing their colors. We saw a truck on the side of the road and I told her "The truck is broken." She said "I'll fix the truck!" She also says "I'll get the phone!" Though, she makes no move to actually answer the phone, she just knows that this is what Mommy says when the phone rings.

When she does talk on the phone, she is attempting to have conversations with her grandparents. She asks them "What are you doing, NAME?" and mentions things that happened to her recently, like that she went for a walk in the snow or dropped Mr. Potato Head down the stairs and he got a boo-boo.

She no longer wants to sit in her booster seat, which is blue, but on the regular chairs, which are brown. If I even mention eating, and she wants to, she starts calling "brown chair! brown chair!" before we even go downstairs. She is doing well with drinking from a cup and eating with silverware so usually her desire is accomodated.

She has also begun asking for sweets like "hot coklat" often, and getting more picky about what she eats. But it is not a big deal since she will really eat almost anything.

Probably the funniest thing she does though, is if her head is covered up (like when pulling a turtleneck over her head) she says "Where'd (Girl V) go?"

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