V News, 2yrs 1/2 month

She weighs 28.5 lbs and is just under 3ft tall. 90th percentile height and 70th percentile weight.

She is starting to do some thinking. This is really hard to describe but easy to observe. She knows a lot of words now and she is staring to put them together in ways she has not heard before. For example "baby cup" to refer to a shot glass (we call glasses cups around here cuz we is po' folk.)

We are desperate to teach her how to sit still. Never has on her own. Always moves, unless the TV is on (which is no help). Maybe if we give her a sticker if she sits still for 30 seconds. I will try that. ANY IDEAS?

She is getting beautifuller every day as her curly blonde hair gets longer. I taught her the word "curly" today. She also said "zebra" for the first time, she has known it but never said it.

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