It's like some kind of Irony Fractal.

I am so amazed at the fact that the Bratz dolls for little girls look like whores. There is no other word. If you saw a woman dressed like these dolls, your immediate conclusion would be that she is a whore. So I went to the Bratz website to find you all a photo of what these dolls look like, so you could see that I am not overreacting. And what do I learn but that I can't find those dolls on the site, the only dolls I can find are much tamer and really fine (the gateway dolls to warm them up to the whore dolls!). They don't sell the tame Bratz dolls at the KMart or Toys R Uses where I have shopped.

Anyway, I decided to search elsewhere on the internet for an image for you, my faithful readers. And where do I find one? On the site of an erotic fiction writer who is also complaining that the Bratz dolls look like whores.

The mind reels.

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