Baby V is now 21 months old -

I think I said earlier that she was 21 months but we miscounted somewhere. She can now count to 10, including the number one that she liked to skip before. She is heavily favoring her left hand although there are no lefties in either family. She has started getting up at 7:30 AM which is just fabulous! She can now say "walk," "sunshine," "applesauce" and "money." She enjoys the potty and asks to try and go. The drink-and-wet baby is a big favorite. Coloring in coloring books and playdough are major favorites.
My mom came to visit and brought her a duck Halloween costume, and they practiced going trick-or-treat. We are very excited to take her trick-or-treating this year.
We have learned that because our home is located in one of the few neighborhoods in our town that has sidewalks, streetlights, and not-too-busy roads, many other families drive their kids here to trick-or-treat. So we have gotten A LOT of candy. We'll see how it goes!
I do not have a costume or any ideas for one. If I can think of something easy I will do it. I'm not even going to tell you what the Old Oligarch's costume is. It is over the top, as you might expect.
I am agonizing over furniture choices as this is one of the few areas in which I have champagne tastes. If anyone has 5 grand you can get me the Peacock sofa from Horchow.

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