More Baby, You Know You Want It!

O.O. says she is a night person like us because all her breakthroughs have come at night - first step, etc. Well here's another one to support his theory. Tonight she counted her bedtime banana slices. She picked them up and put them in a pile, saying "two, tee, fou, ... two." So we need to teach her "one." But that was neat! It seems that she finally gets the concept that the things being counted can change but the numbers you call them stay the same, unlike letters (laloo) that always have the same name and object. When we go outside she likes to point out the letters on the storm drain covers.

On a sad note, today we learned that O.O.'s 82-year-old aunt has lung cancer only a few years after recovering from breast cancer. Please pray for Evey's health. Please also continue to pray for the health of my dear Uncle Bill, diagnosed with incurable bone marrow cancer.

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