Baby V at 19.5 months

Baby V knows some letters! She has learned B, E, O, M, X and Y and maybe some more. She learned them from her little letter books, videos and one of those electronic toys her Grammy bought for her a few months ago. O.O. thinks she is a genius. She also stuck her foot in his shoe and grabbed the laces and said "bow" - only further confirming her status as a genius. We don't really know when babies learn such things.
She also has a doll baby that she loves that drinks and wets, this has promoted sitting on the potty. She also has a Fisher Price play family village that was her daddy's, which Gramma saved for 31 years and sent to us (after a thorough washing of course). Baby V likes it a lot and even requested to go into her play room to go play with it. Usually she wants OUT of the room, and has never requested to go IN.
I can no longer keep up with the new words. She says no to everything by default, only says "Mm-hmm!" AKA yes, if she really wants it. She is combining words, mostly no+noun, so "no cup" for example. Had a big eating/growth spurt recently but lately eating very little. It makes me nervous but I know she will eat when she needs food.

Can anyone think of a good Halloween costume? I think most people around here will be looking for a saint costume at their parties, should we get invited somewhere. Are there any saints who wore yellow pajamas with hearts on them, or t-shirts adorned with butterflies? If so that would be the sort of saint we are looking for.

Also Baby V gets to go to the doctor on Wed. for her 18 month checkup. We did not have good insurance so postponed it until now, since we have good coverage through O.O.'s job. (Long tedious story.) So we will get to see how big the V is and meet her doctor and see if we like her. I think we will like her, she lives down the street from us and seems nice enough.

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