Baby V Update - 18.6 months.

New words include heart, rock, star, ant, yay, "all gone," truck, bike, car, ella (as in elephant), pink, orange, yellow, and I THOUGHT I heard her say "toothpaste" today. She thinks that butterflies are elephants - in books, wings look like ears, insect body looks like a trunk - and continues to call them "ellas." She also insists that cows say "baaa." Alternately she will insist that sheep say "mooo."
She is getting interested in counting. But she had a cranky day today because she is getting more teeth in.
In keeping with Elinor's rule, she whacked her forehead on the corner of the car door the day that we were to take her to a friend's house for dinner. She was protesting the fact that she had to get into her car seat and thrashing about and got a big purple line on her head. It is just now going away.

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