Baby V Update - 18.5 months:

Baby V is now becoming Girl V, with the acquisition of her booster seat which allows her to sit at the table like a Big Girl. She is beginning to learn people's names, like those of her grandparents, and continuing, to my great joy, to say "Mama." Today we went to the N.C. Museum of Life and Science where Baby V got to ride a 1/2 size choo-choo train and see many animals and butterflies. She also got to feed bread to the geese (and also herself) at a local lake.
She has learned the word "bee" and is particularly excited about it. "Bee! Bee! Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Maybe she is amused by the sound.
She is showing interest in toileting so I am buying relevant videos and such. Don't worry, I will not document anything detailed on the blog. I am not actually planning to start yet, just going to read books, etc, with her.

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