Baby V - Language explosion!

I think we are hitting the famous (infamous?) language explosion. Today she said "outside" and "pudding." She also says bird, squirrel, shoes, horse, cheese. I think I got a first sentence out of her today, which was "Daddy bye-bye." She was commenting that Daddy had gone outside.
I had a fun victory when her Grandma (O.O.'s mom) came to visit this week. Grandma had expressed some reservations about the baby signs - that she wouldn't learn to talk if she could make signs, etc, and generally acted as though we were adopting a crazy modern fad that would mess up the child. Well, Grandma was so impressed that Baby V can make an "eat" sign when she is hungry/thirsty, rather than just screaming, that she got on the phone to her sister and told her how smart the Baby is. I would enter the kitchen to find the Baby in her high chair, and Grandma would say, "She told me she wanted to eat." Go Baby V!

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