As you can see from the radio silence below we have been busy. Good news is everything looks good for our second attempt at a closing date - tomorrow. So tomorrow we will be HOMEOWNERS! We are terrified. Please pray that nothing goes wrong at the last minute.

ALSO a new word from the effervescent Baby V. "Yummm!" said while eating. Last night we were spying on her via the baby monitor and while she was supposed to be sleeping she was rustling around in her crib saying "Yum!" Daddy went back to investigate. She had used her new "turning knobs" skill to open the lid of her sippy cup, pour the water into her crib and onto her book, which wet the paper in the book and made it tear-off-and-put-into-mouth-able. "Yum!" We had to hold her upside down and tickle her to get it out of her mouth.

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