Can you say "wash off the vomit before the lobbyists arrive?" I knew you could!

BREITBART.COM - Sen. Kennedy to Publish Children's Book:
"Meet the latest children's author, Sen. Ted Kennedy, and his Portuguese Water Dog, Splash, his co-protagonist in 'My Senator and Me: A Dog's-Eye View of Washington, D.C.'
Scholastic Inc. will release the book in May.
'I am very excited about the opportunity to create a book for young readers and their families that will deepen their understanding of how our American government works,' Kennedy said in a statement Monday issued by Scholastic.
According to Scholastic, Kennedy's book 'not only takes readers through a full day in the Senator's life, but also explains how a bill becomes a law.' Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat, was inspired to write the book from his work with a Washington-based reading program, 'Everybody Wins!'"

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