Baby with a brain of steel!!!

Tonight I was trying to coax the baby to drink a lot from her bottle before bed so she would be nice and full and not wake up hungry later on. But she did not want her bottle very much. After a moment, she sat up, and did the oddest thing! She began picking imaginary Cheerios off of my arm, putting them in her mouth, and crunching her teeth together! She wanted cereal instead! My mom said she had done this earlier in the day too. So we brought her some Cheerios and she ate them up.
What a smart baby! No one taught her this, she figured it out all by herself. She is not even a year old yet.

Also, today Miss V met a very small dog named Paco (despite the name and the size, not a Chihuahua). She loved him! She has not seen many dogs, especially up close, but she was very excited, squealing and pointing. She got to pet him too. I guess we will have to visit some more dogs.

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