Merry Christmas!

The day started with 9 am Mass. We went early to get a seat, which was totally unnecessary since everyone either went to another Mass or out of town. Baby V is usually sleeping during this time so she was a wiggly worm at Mass, but not very loud thankfully.

After her nap and Christmas dinner, we tried to show her how to open presents. She did a pretty good job, but is not naturally destructive so did not revel in paper-ripping. She just did it because we asked her.

Today Baby V received, among many other gifts, a giant teddy bear about 3 times her size. She was scared of it, which for her does not mean crying, but quickly scurrying far away from it and refusal to come closer. This resulted in our leaving the bear on the floor for her to "get used to it" as well as passing the bear around so she could see the family's consensus that the bear is an OK guy. Later in the day she did touch the bear a little bit, but she is still not sure.

Other favorite gifts include a chair that counts and sings, a xylophone, a jack-in-the-box, a musical ball, and a glow-in-the-dark Baby Pooh. These toys (and more from her generous grandparents) were all met with approval.

She also did a lot of walking (few steps here and there) and standing today. Minimal familial bickering too. We ended this fun and peaceful day with prayers.

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