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Vampire novelist takes a bite out of the Bible
By Mario San Juan

Immortality. Homoeroticism. Beauty. These are just some of the most common themes Anne Rice explores in several of her books.

Anne Rice, Queen of the Vampires, well-known for her sensual world of vampirism, has contributed to the canon of literature with rich works of fiction. Creating carefully luxuriant, detailed tapestries where philosophy, humanity, sexuality, history, and, most importantly, homoeroticism play a part.

And now, Rice returns to the world of literature with perhaps her most ambitious project: "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt," a novel about the infancy of Jesus Christ. It is based on the four gospels, apocrypha, and New Testament scholarship.

The story will be narrated from Jesus Christ's voice, as some of "The Vampire Chronicles" were told through the voice of her most renowned character, the vampire Lestat.

And how will the queen of vampires portray Jesus Christ?

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