News from Agape Press: "A recent census report states that single-parent households now outnumber all other types of households in the U.S. -- but one pro-family advocate says that may not be the whole story. Dr. Janice Crouse of the Beverly LaHaye Institute has been studying the census report, first issued last week. She says single-parent households experienced a spurt in growth a few years ago. 'The tipping point really came in the year 2000,' Crouse explains. 'That's when single-adult households reached 27 million, and that was up over five million from just a decade earlier. And traditional families at the same time grew only 400,000.' But she contends the Census Bureau may have a bit of a political agenda in reporting this data. '[T]hey did not include [among] the traditional families widows, married couples who don't have children, and ... people whose children are grown,' she says. Dr. Crouse notes that when those numbers are added into the mix, the number of traditional family households doubles that of single-parent households. [Bill Fancher]"

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