Because he asked so nicely.


I recently came upon your website, E-PRESSION, while browsing St. Blog's Parish Hall, and would like to ask for your help with a new project of the Africa Faith and Justice Network, a non-profit organization led by Catholic priests and sisters (

AFJN is launching Uganda Conflict Action Network ( to raise awareness of and help bring an end to the war in Uganda, which is fought almost entirely by and against children. Northern Ugandans have been subject to massacres and child abductions for over 10 years while the international community has largely been silent.

We have already received some great support from the likes of the Kroc Institute at the University of Notre Dame, Fr. Carlos Rodrigues of Acholi Religious Leaders' Peace Initiative in Gulu Archdiocese, and many others.

What we desperately need now is the support of bloggers. We believe that we will need a strong grassroots network of supporters on the Web to continue to gain momentum.

Which is why I am emailing you--I believe your blog's audience might be interested in what we're doing. If there's anyway you could spare us a link to our Web site, or mention us on your blog, (or even mention the conflict itself!) it would be a huge help.

Pax Christi,

Michael Johnston
Volunteer, Africa Faith and Justice Network

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