I still really miss my grandfather.

He died on January 5, 2000. I am sad my daughter will never meet him, in this life. On Father's day he was the one who got a card from me. He was one of the happiest people I have ever known, and I know he would get along grandly with Baby V, because he loved babies. I have never seen another man love little children the way my grandfather did. He would go through endless contortions and jokes to make them laugh. And Baby V loves to smile and laugh, so much so that I think God is trying to counterbalance my presence in the family.
When I was a teenager, my grandparents moved to an old folks community in my town to be near their children. On the weekends, I would go over to their house, for no reason, and read the paper and drink coffee with my grandparents. We would chat for a bit, but I didn't need to be entertained. They always made me feel relaxed and at home at a time when Mom and I were always arguing. And sometimes I could help them with something or other.
He and my grandmother were really like one person. She played the straight man to his comic antics. He made humorous protests against "being in the house with all these women" when he was around her, me and my mother, but he took everything his wife said very seriously. The two of them teased each other constantly - He would walk in while dinner was being prepared, and say, "That's not what I wanted!" and she would respond, "Well, it's what you're getting!" - but that was just a way of making light of their deep accord with one another.
If your grandfather is still around, tell him that you love him today.

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