"Harry Belafonte, keep this crazy train going!" - "Chris Matthews," Saturday Night Live.

Of Matthew Fox's "95 Theses or Articles of Faith for a Christianity for the Third Millennium," which are your favorite?
These are mine. So ridiculous that fisking seems redundant. And remember, these are supposedly "theses or articles of faith." (All bolding done by me.)
11. Religion is not necessary but spirituality is.
13. Spirituality and religion are not the same thing any more than education and learning, law and justice, or commerce and stewardship are the same thing.
19. Sustainability is another word for justice, for what is just is sustainable and what is unjust is not.
30. Creating a church of Sycophants is not a holy thing. Sycophants (Webster’s dictionary defines them as “servile self-seeking flatterers”) are not spiritual people for their only virtue is obedience. A Society of Sycophants — sycophant clergy, sycophant seminarians, sycophant bishops, sycophant cardinals, sycophant religious orders of Opus Dei, Legioneers of Christ and Communion and Liberation, and the sycophant press--do not represent in any way the teachings or the person of the historical Jesus who chose to stand up to power rather than amassing it.
32. Original sin is an ultimate expression of a punitive father God and is not a Biblical teaching. But original blessing (goodness and grace) is biblical.
38. A diversity of interpretation of the Jesus event and the Christ experience is altogether expected and welcomed as it was in the earliest days of the church.
39. Therefore unity of church does not mean conformity. There is unity in diversity. Coerced unity is not unity.
52. If you can talk you can sing; if you can walk you can dance; if you can talk you are an artist. (African proverb and Native American saying)
53. Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty! Shake your booty! Ok, I made that one up. But you weren't sure, were you?
60. All that is is holy and all that is is related for all being in our universe began as one being just before the fireball erupted.
68. Pedophilia is a terrible wrong but its cover-up by hierarchy is even more despicable.
70. Jesus said nothing about condoms, birth control or homosexuality. Or pedophilia! Or sustainability! - Zorak.
77. Seminaries as we know them, with their excessive emphasis on left-brain work, often kill and corrupt the mystical soul of the young instead of encouraging the mysticism and prophetic consciousness that is there. They should be replaced by wisdom schools.
78. Inner work is required of us all. Therefore spiritual practices of meditation should be available to all and this helps in calming the reptilian brain. Silence or contemplation and learning to be still can and ought to be taught to all children and adults.
85. Not only is there a Dark Night of the Soul but also a Dark Night of Society and a Dark Night of our Species. And a Dark Night of The Kitchen Sink. - Zorak.
88. When science teaches that matter is “frozen light” (physicist David Bohm) it is freeing human thought from scapegoating flesh as something evil and instead reassuring us that all things are light. This same teaching is found in the Christian Gospels (Christ is the light in all things) and in Buddhist teaching (the Buddha nature is in all things). Therefore, flesh does not sin; it is our choices that are sometimes off center.

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