Straight Guy With The Catholic Eye: Kerry's Folly: "Frank Joseph, MD had this to say in a recent e-letter:
"If the majority of bishops who were reluctant to deny John Kerry Holy Communion even though he embraces the proposition that women should have the right to have their unborn children killed, they should no longer be hesitant, because Kerry now admits that human life begins at conception.
This admission as to when life begins coupled with his advocacy for killing these same human beings should be all the evidence that the weak bishops need to know, to not only deny Kerry the Eucharist, but to publicly excommunicate him.
No longer can bishops claim ignorance as to the spiritual mindset of Kerry. If bishops cannot see that Kerry is doing the work of satan, then the Pope should defrock all but six.
This admission by Kerry presents a whole new ball game. If he is not excommunicated after admitting that human life begins at conception, then the American Catholic Church can no longer claim to be Catholic. It is being pulled into hell by these lukewarm bishops who refuse to follow Canon Law for political reasons only. They want Kerry to be president. There can be no other explanation.
Whatever happened to their commitment to the Word of God, 'Thou Shalt Not Kill?'
It is obvious that John Kerry does not believe in this Commandment; and if he is not excommunicated, it is also obvious that the bishops, with the exception of six, also do not believe in the Word of God."

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