US Catholic News Service Editor Cites Acceptance of Contraception as Leading to Current Gay Unions Situation: "The Church of England burst the dam in 1930 when it became the first major Christian denomination to accept the use of contraceptives. Lawler reveals that a Washington Post editorial at the time warned the 1930 decision 'would sound the death knell of marriage as a holy institution by establishing degrading practices which would encourage indiscriminate immorality.'

Since that time, The Catholic World News head observes, 'We have seen a meteoric rise in abuse, divorce, depression, and dysfunction. Countless thousands of individual marriages have dissolved; now finally the institution of marriage has begun to totter.'

Lawler argues that because of the norm of contracepted sex Massachusetts citizens and others are 'having a difficult time coming up with a persuasive argument why same-sex couples should not be entitled to their own preferred form of sterile sexual expression.'

His suggestion for the long term solution to reversing gay 'marriage' legalization is to 'Go through your medicine cabinets, dressers, and bedside-table drawers. Gather all the contraceptives. Throw them in the trash, where they belong. If you're Catholic, go to Confession. Then, having put our own houses and homes in order, we can begin the long trek toward restoring the true meaning of marriage.'"

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