Someone's feeling spunky:

O.O. says, "This is my personality hat."
Zorak asks, "So do you have a personality when you're not wearing the hat?"
O.O. says, "Not this one!"

Zorak and the Old Oligarch both approach the refrigerator at the same time.
O.O. says, "The animals are gathering around the water hole."
Zorak asks, "What happens then?"
O.O.: "Fight for resources!"

Zorak, commenting on the new encyclical: "Now you remember that you can't call them EMEs* anymore."
O.O.: "What do you call them now? EMHCs**?"
Zorak: "Right."
O.O.: "How 'bout we just call them punks?"

*Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
**Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

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