Some poor fool came to the Old Oligarch's blog looking for "episcopal advise to newlyweds." Below are some pieces of advice for you:
1. Learn how to spell.
2. Have a male child.
3. Divorce, "marry" someone of the same sex, become a "bishop," and repeatedly compare your self-promoting activities to the agonies of Christ.
4. Have a male child.
5. Remember that while the Episcopal Church has its problems, it's still all-white. And the after-church donuts are just scrumptious!
6. After 500 years, your "leadership" has just discovered that you don't have a Magisterium, and that this is causing some problems. Donate much more money to your church.
7. Bored in the bedroom? Set the mood by reading an essay by the eminent "Bishop" Spong.

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