I have gotten 2 solicitations in the mail today: one from Human Life International, one from the Capital Area Food Bank. Both are worthy organizations. I will probably give to both. But I will definitely give more money to HLI.
This made me think about the pro-abortion accusation that pro-lifers don't help people after they are born. But let's face it. Lots of people (and corporations) give money to food banks, literacy programs, etc, because they are noncontroversial and good causes. Lots of people and corporations (including birth control manufacturers, and pornography distributors) also give to pro-abortion causes. But not that many people give to pro-life causes. And in the natural order of things, being killed is much worse than going hungry. So anyone who argues that pro-lifers are not giving to post-natal causes should just think of the money that will go to the Capital Area Food Bank when I don't have to pay to prevent abortionists from vaccuming up little babies.

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