The Bible-UFO Connection - The purpose of this work is to present proof that the UFOs in our modern skies have been flying in those skies for the entirety of world history. The beings controlling these high tech flying vehicles are not "aliens", in the sense that they are visitors to this world, but in fact the same beings that terra formed / created the biosphere we inhabit. Human beings have recorded the presence of these beings since the dawn of time, and are more closely related to them than has been revealed by the true powers in control of the information, which forms the mainstream view of this concept.
This work does not attempt to prove God is an alien; it presents ample evidence and simple logic that the Gods have been mistaken for an alien race. We present this evidence to show mankind that there are forces on this planet, which have reason to condition mankind into believing the Earth is under threat of an alien invasion. Those forces are now manipulating mankind into a warlike and defensive posture, which will soon be refocused from the current planetary terrorist threat to an “extraterrestrial” terrorist threat, an invasion from space. The result is all humanity will unite against the returning fleet of the Christ returning to Earth to capture, and imprison those evil forces plaguing the planet. Mankind is being recruited to arm itself with massive planetary, and space based weapons to fight against a destructive alien invasion, which will actually be the returning Christ they claim to worship, and expect to save the world.
The Greatest Deception is that mankind has been falsely led to believe that the Gods could pose a threat to the very race they created. And as the deception grows the true enemy is destroying the planet's environment, and the wealth, diversity, and social structure of all global civilizations through monetary, and social control in every aspect of life. The ultimate goal is world domination by global corporate financial powers and social monitoring, with the resulting threat of planetary devastation, and eventual destruction. The ultimate eradication of all known life will be stayed only by the intervention of those beings flying in our skies, as evidenced in the writings of the world's ancient cultures. One of those ancient writings is the King James Bible, a work that could just as easily be called, "The Ultimate Guide To UFOs And Their Occupants."

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