I am in the mood for a picture of a cute llama. I know you are too.
Many thanks to Cacciaguida and his most excellent Winstar for helping us move yesterday. THANKS!
Those of you who know my maiden name can learn that my paternal grandfather worked with the National Research Council to investigate the causes of drug abuse.
Alex Chiu has a LOT of great ideas.
1. Only Alex Chiu has the solution to a unified world, unless you can think of a better one.

2. Are you the messiah? Since Alex Chiu IS NOT the messiah, the messiah could be YOU!

Are you the messiah that the world is expecting?
Do you want to be the messiah? Here is the qualification:
1) You don't necessarily have to have Jewish blood in you, but you must be friendly to the Jews because it is stated in the old testament that the messiah will rise out of the house of David (house of Israel). Many people think that passage means messiah must be a Hebrew. Not true. You could be white, black or Asian. But you must be a pro-Jewish.
2) You must be anointed by a prophet. The Talmud declared that the prophet is the one who will bring immortality to mankind. It is also prophesied in the Talmud that the prophet will perform resurrection after Armageddon. Without being anointed by this prophet, you cannot be the messiah. You cannot anoint yourself either. You cannot just find anyone who you think is the prophet and tell him to anoint you. Well, there goes that idea ...
3) You cannot die before the entire world is united and harmonized. If you die before your mission is accomplished, you are definitely not the messiah.
4) You will unite the entire world. Your empire will never be destroyed. If you cannot do this, you are not the messiah.
How to become the messiah?
Messiah shall be anointed by the prophet. Then he shall unite the world. Bringing immortality to mankind is not messiah's job. ( It's my job, and I have already done it. ) Thanks, Alex Chiu! Resurrection is also not messiah's job. All messiah must do is unite the world and be the most important politician of the world forever.
What should you do to become the messiah?
1) Just open up a web site and tell everyone about Alex Chiu's world-corporation plan. Oh wow, I already have a website ... If you are a religious leader, you should strongly support Alex Chiu's world-corporation plan because at the end, this plan will definitely work. The entire world will accept Alex Chiu's world corporation plan as the only way to world peace. Everyone will remember that you are the one who supported this plan. Do you see how the world can be united without Alex Chiu's world-corporation plan? Mmm, no. Only Alex Chiu has the solution to a unified world, unless I can think of a better one.
2) Tell everyone about Alex Chiu's world-corporation plan on your own web site or in your own religious community. Let people remember you. Let people know that you have worked hard to spread the good news for God. Let people know that you also work for GOD! One day, citizens around the world will vote for a leader who shall become the head of the world (the messiah). That person will not be Alex Chiu. Who knows? That person could be you!!! Good luck. Remember, your only route to become the messiah is through Alex Chiu's world-corporation plan. There is no other way.
If you are a multi-billionaire, your chance of becoming the messiah is even greater. If you are that wealthy, you have the power to advertise the world-corporation plan to the entire world. Everyone will know that you are the one who helped unite the world. People will most likely vote for you!
If you think this is the job for you, who knows? Messiah could be you. Remember, messiah is the most holy. He has been chosen out of millions among millions. He is the one who carries great righteousness and the glory of God. He is the one who will sit on the throne forever and ever. He will prosper the entire world until there is no more problem left to solve.
Rules: You can use all of the graphics and the text of the world-corporation plan on your own web site. You must tell people that Alex Chiu is the original author of the world-corporation plan. A link to alexchiu.com must be given to your readers.
Because it would suck if the Messiah ripped off your web graphics, eh?
Selected highlight from typing "gerbil nazi" into google:

Younger Generation Non-Catholic Christians Rejecting Birth Control
Yahoo! News - Sick of Hangovers? Try a 'Volcanic' Pill
Inventions We Love to Hate -- The Learning Channel (TLC) -- science, invention
Yahoo! News - Mahathir says Islam at lowest ebb due to wrong priorities
KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad questioned fellow Muslims' religious priorities on Friday, saying their focus on form over fundamentals had brought Islam to its lowest point in history.
"I don't think it would be wrong to state that the Muslim world is at its lowest ebb, and is probably continuing to decline and to fall," he told an audience of academics and diplomats.
He bemoaned Muslims' failure to match the progress of Christian countries since the Industrial Revolution of the early 19th century, blaming it on followers' preoccupation with less important issues such as rules on women's clothing.
Opera Browser in the News
CNN.com - Liquidmetal is super strong - July 10, 2002
Chipmunk's Wisdom Includes:
Ability to regulate usage
Saving for future use
Ability to carry ones nourishment (both spiritual and physical) with them
Ability to see both light and shadow
Moby reports: It appears that Lucas uses a formula to create all those stupid names you see in the Star Wars trilogy, Phantom Menace (Jar-jar Binks, Obi Wan, etc) and now Attack of the Clones.
To see what your Star Wars name is, follow the steps below...
Your Star Wars First Name
1.Take the first 3 letters of your last name.
2.Add to that, the first 2 letters of your first name.
Your Star Wars Last Name
1.Take the first 2 letters of your mother's maiden name.
2.Add to that the first 3 letters of the name of the town or city you were born in.
There you go! There's your Star Wars Name.

Mine is Manzo McGai. That sounds like a bad character's name.
LAUNCH Music News::
Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer has backed away from his statement that "Hitler went to heaven," which was published in the U.K. magazine Metal Hammer. In a statement released to LAUNCH by the band's representatives, Shaffer said, "I want to make it clear that in no way, shape, or form do I approve of Hitler's atrocities."
The statement continued, "[Hitler's] fate and treatment in the afterlife is determined by a higher power, not me or anyone else. I apologize to anyone who was offended by my comments, which read confusingly in Metal Hammer."
In the Metal Hammer interview, Shaffer was quoted saying, "I think this is true. Hitler went to heaven (if there is such a thing as heaven really exists). He felt that what he did was right, and I think that if what you feel you're doing is right, in your heart, then you can't be wrong."
Yahoo! News - Divorce No Ticket to Happiness, Study Says: Unhappily married couples often get lots of advice and a report released on Thursday offered some more: don't divorce, stick it out.
Researchers from the University of Chicago and other schools concluded that about the same proportion of couples who avoided divorcing despite an unhappy marriage ended up just as happy five years later as those who had split up.
Interviews with a subset of the 5,232 married adults surveyed in the 1980s and again five years later found those who found happiness discovered the sources of conflict such as money, depression, and even infidelity eased with time.
Others reported they got better at getting along, sometimes enlisting help from relatives or counselors -- or by threatening divorce. Others found ways to be happier individually in spite of their mediocre marriages.
But divorce sets in motion events over which an individual has little control, such as the reactions of spouses and children, as well as the uncertainty of new relationships.
"Staying married is not just for the children's' sake. Some divorce is necessary, but results like these suggest the benefits of divorce have been oversold," said University of Chicago sociologist Linda Waite, lead author of the report presented at a conference in Washington, D.C.
Mesolithic Food Quiz: Could you survive today as a hunter gatherer?

Ok, can you tell I was really tired last night?

All in all, you're not a very nice person. Despite this,
people tend to like you. Maybe it's because you're a rebel,
or maybe it's just because you scare them into liking you.

Take The "Which WWF Wrestler are you?" Quiz.
Created by Potman

Take the "What *NSYNC Hairstyle are you?" Quiz

Stanley Kurtz on Priests, Nurses & Soldiers on National Review Online
My husband is a madman. A faithful, kind, funny, intelligent and patient one, but completely off his rocker.
Check out the Same Sex Attraction Morality League, link via Fr. Jim.
Really depressed? Having a bad day? Stressed out? Think you have problems you can't possibly resolve? Click here.
Misspelling of the day: mellowdrama. From The 'Memoires' of a Jealous Teenage Girl
My Likelihood of Committing Murder is 12%: If you have a score of 1 to 20: You have a few little quirks here and there and no one ever did find your childhood cat, Fluffy. But, when it all comes down, you are a really good person. Your strict moral code is hard for others to live up to, and you probably don't get laid much. But, there's definitely a harp with your name on it. You might want to give your conscience the weekend off and have a few drinks, the world can be pretty fun if you loosen up a little.

Take the High Yield Killing Method Test Now!!
Congratulations, you are Ursula the Sea Witch! Sly and conniving, you will use any means necessary to secure power and respect for yourself. Your ambition is quite admirable, but your habit of turning the fish-folk into wriggly squishy little wormy things may turn off potential followers.

Take the Disney Villain Test Now!!

I'm enjoying this blog: DeepFUN Daily Weblog
Piyorod Game:
As noted by DeepFUN, "You 'balance' a bird on a stick. Moving your virtual hand to the right or left causes the bird to move in that direction. Every now and then, the bird drops an egg, which you try to catch without losing your basic bird-balance. Every then and now the bird drops something else, which you hope to avoid. Just challenging enough to make you want to master it, just silly enough to make you want to keep trying."
Yahoo! News - Online Safe Sex Game Attracts 125,000:
BARCELONA (Reuters Health) - An online safe sex game featuring saucy sound effects and street slang has introduced more than tens of thousands of young people to safe sex facts that they might otherwise be unaware of, a British charity said on Monday.
In www.SuperShagLand.com, a parody of Nintendo's hit Super Mario Brothers, an intrepid man or woman chases the boy or girl of their dreams, gaining points for each condom they gather and losing points for drinking alcohol or bumping into monks, nuns or dogs.

Oh yes, this is the way to teach people how to be sexually responsible...
Which is worse: WorldCom or Congress?
Walter Williams writes, "Is WorldCom really America's biggest case of accounting gimmickery and deception? I don't think so.
Ask the president or any congressman: How much debt does the federal government owe? Nine will get you 10 that they'll tell you that it's $3.5 trillion. If they had just a tad of sophistication or honesty, they might add intragovernmental debt that'd bring the "total debt" to slightly more than $6 trillion. Even that figure represents a level of creative accounting, deception and lies that make the actions of Enron and WorldCom seem like child's play....
Let's compare what happens when deceptive accounting practices are discovered in private industry versus when they're discovered in government.
Without the SEC, the supposed guarantor against corporate hanky-panky, lifting one finger, the market has exacted high penalties. Enron and WorldCom shares of stock and their reputations are virtually worthless. Heads have rolled.
By contrast, what happens when Congress cooks the books and deceives Americans into believing that government debt is $3.5 trillion or $6 trillion, when it's really $35 trillion? Absolutely nothing."

Aren't all belief systems equally valid? Don't they all offer a unique path to truth?
I don't get it.
Can anyone explain why so many gay men are going by their full names these days? (For example, signing an e-mail John Andreas Smith instead of John Smith or just John. WHY??? This is driving me crazy. Can you help?

UPDATE: OK, here's my theory. It's like the lisp. If you don't know anything about homosexuals, you might miss it. But for those in the know, it's a way to meet n' greet.
Oops, Amtrak Did It Again!
What is the Historical Teaching of the Christian Church on Contraception?
Welcome to the Google users who have recently visited this site. Searches have included:

Eve rumors rap gay
system 5 ge ultrasound israel
peter jennings homosexual
nubian goat questions and answers asked by all people
Kansas Episcopalian bishop approves limited plan for blessing non-married couples
(ENS) Bishop William Smalley of Kansas has informed clergy that he will begin authorizing the limited blessing of non-married persons. This policy would extend to heterosexual couples for whom marriage would create a financial hardship, and homosexual couples.
Smalley was emphatic in stating this blessing is not to be a substitute for Holy Matrimony and may not resemble it liturgically.

Note: I'm only somewhat concerned about the blessing of homosexuals, which unfortunately is pretty old hat. But the blessing of heterosexuals for whom marriage would create a financial hardship is just as bad. Marriage does not create a financial hardship (generally saves money once you share a home) but a wedding can, especially if you're an idiot who spends beyond your means to have some sort of fairy tale day which is entirely disconnected from the financial state of the marriage you're creating. Any church should be completely opposed to this "marriage is for the rich" idea, especially since Christian concern for the poor has seemingly not yet eroded.
O.O. says, "If I were to have one of those new 'judge' tv shows, I would call it 'Judge Mental.' I would act kinda crazy, too, so the litigants would think maybe I had gone off my rocker."
Happy 4th of July!!
CNN.com - More 'failing schools' than expected - July 2, 2002 Students in 8,600 schools that have failed to meet learning standards, or 9 percent of U.S. public schools, can choose to go to better schools in their districts this fall, the Education Department said Monday.
Pioneer Press | 06/26/2002 | RAMSEY COUNTY: Sunday school teacher sentenced for actions with teen A Sunday school teacher who asked a 16-year-old boy to write "What would Jesus do?" on his penis will spend a month on work release, according to the sentencing agreement reached Tuesday in Ramsey County District Court.
Yahoo! News - Goat Boasts Dale Earnhardt's Number A 4-month-old goat with a curious birthmark has fans of the late racing star Dale Earnhardt flocking to a north Florida farm.
The brown Nubian goat, named Lil' Dale, was born with a distinctive white three — Earnhardt's number — on her right side.
"It's weird," said her owner, Jerry Pierson. "I've seen people take pictures and get tears in their eyes."
"One woman said, `Man, she gives me chills,'" Pierson said.
Nearly 90% of people who ask their doctors to help them kill themselves later change their minds, US researchers report.
Study findings show that most seriously ill people who ask about doctor-assisted suicide are actually afraid of pain or other issues and need to be reassured.
Gays with guns.
Advice Bunny Answers Your Questions - Free Advice - Well, you get what you pay for.
John Rawls and the Liberal Faith from The Wilson Quarterly, link via Relapsed Catholic.
See how emotionally stable I am? (insane laughter)

-- Click Here To Take The Test --

Note: O.O. is too wimpy to post his results, which show that he is much crazier than I am.
Poem of the Day: (inspired by actual events!)

A thought
I am not a utilitarian
Miracles everywhere!
O.O. says, "Look how self-aware I am. I'm like a Brahmin."
As verbally promised: al.com: News A Loxley street preacher who screamed at a funeral that the deceased was burning in hell said Tuesday he was beaten by mourners for telling the truth.
Moby has come up with a novel way of hitting back at abusive emailers.
Interesting observation on WorldCom's business model from an Instapundit reader.
Blogadder gets it all wrong in this post on the trend in late marriages. He argues that marriages are happening later due to "a combination of longer educational hauls (as college has become ubiquitous and graduate degrees increasingly the norm) and an all-encompassing uncertainty about one's security: financial, personal, everything. Why add a family to worry about until things are more concrete?"
I think this take is putting the cart before the horse. People are delaying marriage because they don't think it's important to begin their families until they are in their mid-thirties, when they plan to have two children. In addition, they are willing to postpone marriage because they see it as something they will do when they have reached a certain stage of life, rather than understanding that the essence of marriage is to _grow together_ into a stable and life-giving relationship.
Blogadder also notes that people are starting their adult lives later than they used to. How can this be a good thing? This outlook only excuses immature and irresponsible behavior, which can't be good for any society.
The best information I have seen on this trend is a survey that found that the "singles mating culture" of cheap relationships, numerous breakups, and "just having fun" actually creates poorer candidates for marriage among both men and women, rather than developing the traits of responsibility and self-discipline required for a successful marriage.
Finally, Blogadder asks, "Is there a timetable here?" Why yes, actually, there is. It takes nine months to bear a child, a woman only has about 20-30 years of fertility, it takes time to meet someone and assure that their goals and values are the same as yours, etc, etc. While men definitely have an advantage in this area, I have seen firsthand the change in a 28-year-old woman who's only too thrilled to be seen at the right night spots, have casual sex, climb the ladder at work, and wear the latest outfits, and then suddenly realizes she's 31 and has no prospects for marriage even dimly on the horizon. It's not pretty to see a woman fling herself at the closest available man who seems like he might marry her.
More Humor: Freezing Eskimos Have 47 Words for "This Sucks"
Funny, but Twisted: Poor-Spelling Children Pay Dearly for Letters to Satan
The Gender Test recommended by The Rat found with 86% confidence that I am a woman (which, for the benefit of you new readers, is true.)
A few neat ways to give free money to charity online:
- The Birth Site: Make a Free Donation to Help Pregnant Women
- The Hunger Site: Yes, it's still around, and you can click through to give for mammograms and land conservation also.
- Against Hunger: This site is neat because when you click on the main page, it spawns a little surf bar that shows ads to you for three minutes and then allows you to donate a cup of food, then more ads, another click, etc. You can minimize the window - though it does try to pop up at you. It's a little annoying, but if you are just screwing around on the web anyway (and have a high-speed connection) it doesn't take long to give 20 cups with zero effort.
Robot on the run - theage.com.au
Scientists running a pioneering experiment with "living robots" which think for themselves said they were amazed to find one escaping from the centre where it "lives."