Why I Hate 95% of Other Women:
Here's a work-wide e-mail from one:
You are invited to attend the 2002 Ms. Women of the Year awards celebration. It’s the first time Ms. has come to Washington, DC for its Women of the Year awards. The awards are going to 13 feminist trailblazers and champions who make the world a better place for women.
The awards will be presented by Gloria Steinem and Eleanor Smeal to such historic and trailblazing women such as newly elected House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. Also receiving awards are women such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Nia Vardalos, Lisa Leslie (WNBA), and Stand with Sisters for Economic Dignity, a welfare reform activist troupe. Please consider joining us at our awards breakfast to celebrate this group of extraordinary women and their accomplishments at the National Press Club in Washington DC the morning of December 9th.
Ms. Women of the Year Awards Breakfast
Monday December 9, 2002
9:00-11:00 a.m.
(program begins at 9:30)
National Press Club
529 14th Street, Washington, DC
Ballroom, 13th Floor
Tickets-$50 per person or $450 per table (10 people) at www.msmagazine.com/dec02/woty.asp

After posting this I realized I had not fully explored my hatred and annoyance. First, aren't kindergarteners the only ones who have any business "celebrating themselves?" Ooh, we're Women, and we accomplish things!! And Billy can make the "moo" sound! If you're so great, maybe OTHER PEOPLE would recognize you, instead of your own ultra-inclusive group. The other thing that chaps me about this is the fact that it's posted on a board for everyone to read, because of course, who wouldn't want to celebrate women? Who wouldn't want to donate money to the Ms. Foundation, which works to keep partial birth abortion safe and legal? Once a colleague of mine sent out an e-mail on Maundy Thursday asking if anyone would go to Mass with her, and she was quietly notified that this was inappropriate for the workplace. That's fine, but this schlock of course isn't offensive to anyone, so onward, ever onward, with the Ms. Foundation.

Ok, I feel a little better now. But I really do hate these people. Maybe when I calm down I will be able to pray for them, but not right now.

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