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Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very High
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Low
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Low
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
Level 7 (Violent)High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Moderate
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Moderate

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Study details sex partners' HIV disclosure
by Randy Dotinga
Gay.com / PlanetOut.com Network
Gay men are much less likely than their heterosexual counterparts to tell sex partners that they're infected with the AIDS virus, according to research released this week.
More than 40 percent of HIV-positive gay men surveyed said they'd had sex within the last six months without disclosing their status. And 16 percent acknowledged having unprotected anal sex without disclosure, although few said they knew their partners were HIV-negative.
By contrast, just 19 percent of heterosexual men and 17 percent of heterosexual women surveyed -- all HIV-positive -- said they'd recently had sex without disclosing their HIV status.
Potent Absinthe Mix Stirs Up Controversy
LONDON (Reuters) - Absinthe, the fiery tipple with purported hallucinogenic properties, has stirred up fresh controversy in Britain where it will go on sale in nightclubs and bars next month packaged to be mixed with beer.
"Deco" comes with a small bottle of Kronenbourg lager with a shot of absinthe attached. The idea is to down the 45 percent-strong absinthe and drink the five-percent strength lager as a chaser.
Popularly held responsible for painter Vincent Van Gogh's mutilation of his own ear, absinthe has been banned in many countries but was never outlawed in Britain.
Mystifying Expressions That Victor Skaarup and Kris Winther Thought Fit To Include In Their 1949 Swedish Reference Work "USA Slang, Ordbok Over Modern Amerikansk Slang"
I am 45% freak.
O.O. says: "I wonder if life was easier for girls in ancient Judaism."
Kelly_Club's Xanga Site - links to me and Edward Said. How can you go wrong?
The Gospel according to Neo | csmonitor.com - Neo hides his illicit software within a chapter titled "On Nihilism" within a volume called "Simulacra and Simulation," by Jean Baudrillard. This seminal work of postmodernism advances the idea of a copy without an original. The Wachowski brothers assigned Keanu Reeves to read this book before filming began.
O.O. on my blogging of his statements: "I don't look at you as an informant anymore, I look at you as a press kit producer."
Race Said to Color Job Aspirations
Boston Globe Online / Sunday | Focus / Keeping faith At a Catholic college, students reject mainstream America - and the mainstream church
O.O. says: "Ain't nothin' but a G thang. And I understand all about that, due to my G-suetude."
The Matrix Reloaded: The Corporate Mofo Guide - some interesting, a few parts I disagree with - and don't even LOOK at the links on the left.
Ananova - Abbot, 62, carves out sideline as rock guitarist - The head of more than 25,000 Benedictine nuns and monks worldwide has an unlikely sideline - as a rock guitarist.
Ananova - Italian prisoner prefers cell to wife
Ananova - Swan falls in love with pedal boat
Ananova - Baby girl is first in family for 100 years
On whether the American Idol winner Kelly's buttocks were graphically enhanced in advertising.
Wired News: Shocking New Jacket Hits Street A new anti-assault device for women wards off potential assailants with an 80,000-volt electric shock.
Dubbed "exo-electric armor," the No-Contact Jacket looks like an ordinary fashionable women's coat. But an inner layer of conductive fiber carries a low-amp charge that delivers a nasty but non-lethal shock to anyone who messes with its wearer.
More Matrix thoughts
Fortune.com - America's Most Powerful Women in Business - Trophy Husbands - not read whole article yet, but haven't seen anyone write on this before...
O.O. says, "Of the two of us, you're definitely blacker."
Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Words and Phrases I Use at Work, but Seldom Use at Home
Economist.com | Demography and the West
The Oneida Experiment by Frederica Mathewes-Green
Old Oligarch's Painted Stoa - Go read my husband's blog for his take on the Matrix Reloaded. BEWARE though that he includes numerous spoilers before his section on spoilers. Also the realization that Neo is wearing a cassock was my idea. :)
Welcome to the people who arrived at this site searching for "dismember my male body and eat it" (I am the first hit) and chipmunk sterilization.
Jewish-Christian Relations - WELCOME to jcrelations.net, which is devoted to fostering mutual respect and understanding between Christians and Jews around the world. Here you will find articles, reviews, reports, official statements, and study resources on Jewish-Christian relations, as well as links to many related organizations
Gene writes:
"Umm... NFP is stupid. Hate to break it to you, but it is a form of birth control that Catholics should be against. Why? Because it undermines Catholicism's own understanding of why birth control is bad.

My understanding is that birth control is bad because it is the purposeful evasion of a natural gift of God (ie: ability to beget and have children).

But, NFP is the same thing! If a husband and wife are having sex, but telling eachother, "well, we can't do it on the 10th, because the missuz is ovulating that day," they are purposely avoiding that natural gift of God, ie: children. Your only objection to the other methods seems to be not that the attitude that it breeds in the couple (ie: desire not to have kids) but rather that they are more effective than NFP!

More evidence for why Catholics' support for NFP is morally corrupt:

Here is how a dialogue usually goes between a hardcore Catholic trad and someone who really really likes sex at all times:

Sex-Maniac: "Well, Catholicism is stupid because I can't use a condom."
Trad: "Well, but there's NFP! And it's really effective too! You know, there's all these modern methods now of telling when you're more likely to have kids and when not!"

If you are touting NFP as a good enough substitute for condoms with that argument, you are essentially promoting NFP as a birth control measure.

The defense of NFP is often based on "being open to having children." But, that's just false. Clearly if you were, you'd just be having sex when nature calls and not when the woman is not ovulating. And if you are still open to having children with NFP, then you are also with using condoms. Why? Condoms are only 95% effective when used properly. And if the person using them promises to oneself/God/etc not to get an abortion if the condom fails, then then, that's still being open to having children. Sure, NFP is the most ineffective birth control method out there (though it is still pretty good... nearly on par with condoms, from what I understand). But still. There's only a quantitative not qualitative difference between them and condoms."
Finally Gene adds - "in the beginning of the previous comment, by birth control, I meant contraceptive."

Gene - You're absolutely right that NFP can be used with a "contraceptive mentality," and if it is used in that way it's worthless. Some Catholics are aware of that, but given the the lousy state of understanding in this area it's not surprising that it's still around. I think what Catholics who make the "but there's NFP" argument are trying to get at is the idea that one's choices are not between contraception use and "all babies, all the time" if one wants to have any sort of sexual life in marriage. Because contraception is the dominating answer, and few people have any sense of how their bodies work anymore, it's easy to believe (as I used to) that if you weren't using contraception you could get pregnant basically anytime. That makes people think that the Church is being irresponsible and failing to take into account the many legitimate reasons a couple would need to postpone children.
In regard to the "contraceptive mentality" issue, however, NFP is better than contraception because it makes it more difficult to conduct your sex life on autopilot. If you're using contraception, you fall into a habit of it and don't often reflect on whether you are still disinterested in raising a family. Because NFP requires a bit more thought and involvement, it's harder to ignore the fact that you are always making a decision for or against children at this time.
To your second point on openness to having children, what the NFP process is getting at here is the difference between frustrating the fertility of the woman when she is ovulating vs taking advantage of the fact that she is not fertile. It's less an inquiry into the mindset of the couple but a question of whether they are working against existing fertility or not. I'm on my way to work now and don't have time to explain this point better - maybe someone can help out in the comments box. But your questions are good ones, absolutely, because NFP can be abused like anything else. For example, financial stewardship - we should all save enough money to take care of our families, etc. But someone could use that principle to justify a lack of charity towards others and never helping anyone else ever, which would be wrong although they were appealing to a legitimate principle.
Also I enjoyed your dichotomy between Catholics and sex maniacs. :)
Any suggestions on how to stop the congregation from bursting into applause after Mass? Seriously. It's a good mass (or at least, good enough, musical style is charismatic but no guitars and content of songs is not heretical, strong faithful homilies, tabernacle in the right place) but they CLAP at the end which is so deeply annoying, like they just saw a theater performance. Or, any suggestions on how I can get over this?
This quiz said I should go to some school called Columbia?
You've worn all black since you were nine and knew,
even as a nine year old living in nowheresville
that you were a New Yorker at heart. Well, you
wont make it in the big city. I'm sorry tike.
Still, have fun while it lasts, because the
rumor is, most Columbia students don't.

Which Ivy League University is right for YOU?
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Tommy Chong is old!
Welcome to the searchers who arrived here with the query my wife thong picture and a picture of a chipmunk's penis. Note that the first search, when conducted in Google, prompts an ad that offers the ability to "design your own thong."
Academic Suggests Formula for Perfect Film According to Clayton the blueprint for the perfect film is for it to have: 30 percent action, 17 percent comedy, 13 percent good versus evil, 12 percent sex/romance, 10 percent special effects, 10 percent plot and eight percent music.
CNN.com - World's smallest seahorse discovered - May. 12, 2003
Klingon Interpreter Sought for Patients - "There are some cases where we've had mental health patients where this was all they would speak," said the county's purchasing administrator, Franna Hathaway.

County officials said that obligates them to respond with a Klingon-English interpreter, putting the language of starship Enterprise officer Worf and other Klingon characters on a par with common languages such as Russian and Vietnamese, and less common tongues including Dari and Tongan.
The participants in the comments box over at Mark Shea's blog say I'm being uncharitable.
Making the Wrong Choice Is 'the Worst Feeling in the World' - "Remember Susan Smith and Andrea Yeager, who drowned their children?
What they did was NOTHING compared to what I did. I PAID someone to dismember my son, who probably felt every cut, and pull him out of the safest place in the world: his mother's womb."
O.O., on his complexion: "Am I a Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall? I'm nothing - I'm like a sh***y day in mid-June, or something."
Newsday.com - Conservative group objects to commencement speakers at Catholic universities
The Western Front - Catholic students distribute anti-pornography material Approximately 20 members of the Bible study handed out nearly 700 copies of a booklet published by the Love & Responsibility Foundation called "John Paul II on Love & Responsibility." The booklet is is a condensed version of the book "Love & Responsibility," which Pope John Paul II wrote during his work as a minister on a college campus before becoming Pope.
Pills, sterilization are top birth control methods in Catholic Philippines (4:11 pm) - But 14% are using NFP, which I'd bet is wildly above the rate of US "Catholics." Just to draw that out, if you're using contraception, you're not a Catholic. Full stop.
Quebec will hold anti-homophobia day - The Canadian province of Quebec will hold its first Homophobia Day on June 4.
"We hope it will be like national suicide prevention week, which comes every year at the same date," said Alain Johnson, general director of Montreal's Fondation Emergence.
Johnson told a news conference the day will be marked with events to draw the attention of the public to the growing incidence of homophobia in Canada's second largest city.
"It is not a party or a picnic," Johnson said. "It is a moment in the year where we try to stop and talk about what is the situation for us in Quebec."
The foundation, one of Montreal's largest gay and lesbian groups, will also distribute documents to schools and community groups in Quebec to raise awareness about the problems gays and lesbians face.
"If there is more understanding there will be less prejudice and eventually less homophobia," Johnson said.
"In Quebec, we are a tolerant society. But it is like, 'I tolerate you but do not come too close to me.' What we want is to go from tolerance to real acceptance."
Yahoo! News - Typing Monkeys Don't Write Shakespeare By JILL LAWLESS, Associated Press Writer
LONDON - Give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters, the theory goes, and they will eventually produce the prose the likes of Shakespeare.
Give six monkeys one computer for a month, and they will make a mess.
Researchers at Plymouth University in England reported this week that primates left alone with a computer attacked the machine and failed to produce a single word.
"They pressed a lot of S's," researcher Mike Phillips said Friday. "Obviously, English isn't their first language."
A group of faculty and students in the university's media program left a computer in the monkey enclosure at Paignton Zoo in southwest England, home to six Sulawesi crested macaques. Then, they waited.
At first, said Phillips, "the lead male got a stone and started bashing the hell out of it."
"Another thing they were interested in was in defecating and urinating all over the keyboard," added Phillips, who runs the university's Institute of Digital Arts and Technologies.
Yahoo! News - Man Fined for Cheering Gay Neighbor's Death
The Jewish Journal Of Greater Los Angeles Israel Morals Match Rand Ideology - Wow. This too is pretty unbelievable.
Transgender rabbi hopeful is faith's first - I can't think of anything the God of the Old Testament would have liked more than a woman who has mutilated her genitals and attached some sort of psuedo-penis to her body so that she can live as a homosexual man and serve as a rabbi. Can you?
New Zealand News - World - Swiss, Catholic and single, but he was born in India The first non-white was sworn in yesterday to the Swiss Guard, who have protected Popes for almost 500 years, in a move apparently aimed at mending the corps' tarnished image.
Yahoo! News - Graduation Rate For Md. Universities Reaches All-Time High Maryland's Higher Education Commission stated that 59.3 percent of students who entered the state's public institutions graduate in six years or less.
Nietzsche 'died of brain cancer' - smh.com.au
My Way - News - A woman who has a boy out of wedlock is much more likely to marry the father than if she has a girl, U.S. economists reported on Monday.
For this study, they analyzed data from a national study of 600 children born to single mothers and found a woman was 42 times more likely to marry the father of her son than she was to marry the father if the child was a girl.
Unmarried mothers of boys were 11 percent more likely to find a husband -- even a husband who was not the child's biological father -- than those with girls.
Texas Man Rides Bike Wearing Black Thong - "We all claim to believe in the value of personal liberty, but we don't," Joseph Gottschalk said Monday. "No one person has the right to outrank the law and tell me what to wear."

But what about all of us, together, speaking as one united human race? I think this might be a world-historical issue.
O.O., on the crock pot: "She'll be able to cook it."
Zorak: "So the crock pot is a girl? You put something inside, and nine months later you get a baby?"
O.O.: "And you eat it."
washingtonpost.com: Spam and a Case of Dyspepsia Marketers and Blacklisters Face Off at FTC's E-Mail Forum
The allure of the Catholic faith
Guardian Unlimited | Life | The Essential Difference front page
Kathy over at Gospel Minefield blogged this test. I got 39 on empathizing and 31 on Systematizing. These work out to be a balanced profile as the Empathizing scale is wider than the Systematizing scale.